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  1. What's happened to Grieve? He seems to have dropped down the pecking order, even with a couple of goals to his name off the bench.
  2. It does seem coincidental that our bad run has been within this period of time of internationals. I think from the next 2 home games, we need to look at taking 3-4 points minimum and then hope me muster some points together over the following 3 games before the Celtic game on 2nd.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised to see him punted in January. Jamieson ahead of him in the pecking order and we now have Ayunga on the comeback. That's Ayunga, Mandron, Grieve, Olusanya, Jamieson and if you want to class him in the same positions, McMenamin. He's not even getting anywhere near a sniff of action.
  4. Top 6 last season and off to a better start than last season. We are never going to go through a full season undefeated. Yes it was a high score defeat, though sometimes best to get this out the road, get the players lifting their game again and get ready for after the international break to get us going again.
  5. Is he possibly seen as a thorn in the side to the opposition where a lot of good play comes through him getting high up the park. He was certainly cancelled out from doing this vs Hibs from what I seen.
  6. Why not play them both from the start, even better. They linked up for the third goal on Saturday.
  7. Lets do all we can just now to extend the likes of Gogic beyond this season, Taylor an extra year or two and guys like Olunsanya. I honestly don't think we need to recruit much more unless we lose anyone to a transfer. We are building something good here and the players we have a realistic chance of keeping, it would be good to get them tied down and invest in the current crop of players who are key to our success.
  8. The wooden boards generate over 50k per season including VAT. Can't see us dropping them. Having your advert appearing on a rolling digital board isn't for every business. Some things are just as effective static.
  9. The digital advertising boards are £2500+VAT for 60 seconds advertising per game for the season. Just think how many you could get on there for the duration of the game. The static woodnen boards in front of this are £2600+VAT for the season, so plenty of money to be made.
  10. We are also missing the heavy in-form Ryan Strain through suspension, though a shift at the back should allow us to put Fraser in there and im guessing Bolton coming in at centre half.
  11. There's a cost behind the materials and fitting at the very least on a project like this and a mile long I'd imagine has quite a few lamposts.
  12. McMenamin was also carrying a yellow card and was walking a tightrope for a second, so it affected his game a bit. Agree he should have been taken off earlier.
  13. Another reason for folk to laugh at our game up here. Absolutely incompetence at the highest level man. Unbelievable.
  14. Walsh's call at Ibrox vs Livy a few days after the Mandron one v Hearts is even more of a mind boggler. The forward CLEARLY fouls the defender, tumbling him over. Play on, goal. Never seen full highlights, though apparently checked on VAR and stood as a goal. Martindale has already came out and said the struggles of finances at his club and they are paying 6 figures for the VAR system, then something like this happens. He should have pulled his players off the park.
  15. As daft it may sound, it's recognising your flaws during a good run that can make you stronger. I think we tried to do things a little differently last night that never quite worked out and some players had an off day. If this exit from the cup has learned us a lesson and allows us to regroup and continue the great league form, then great. Anything from Rugby Park on Saturday, would set us up well for the home game the following week.
  16. Yeah, Aberdeen a few weeks back springs to mind. Should have been out of sight in the first half before they surprisingly took the lead through a freak goal.
  17. These games are always hard to predict, especially with us at home. They are always well contested between the both os us. We have kept our home as a bit of a fortress since last season, so Hearts certainly won't be in for an easy ride. Our levels have been unbelievable and I believe if we can reach the same levels as we have so far, we should get the result we are looking for. Our depth upfront is something we haven't had for a long time. The boy Nahmani can't get in the starting lineup and also from the bench and he was tipped as being a coup. Unfortunately not making it on Saturday due to other commitments, though will be keeping an eye on the score. COYS
  18. A few positives if any in our favour is that we are playing well, there is a great bond in the dressing room and those players are still being recognised at international level playing with us. If we could offer a 2 year extension to both with improved wage, a minimum release fee and sell on that is fair, then if there is any small chance of them staying, that would be it. It could still mean they move in the summer, though we get a return rather than nothing.
  19. And... i really cant see an employed guy flying half way round the world to not be given the gig.
  20. It's trying to keep players happy too. In my opinion we have decent enough cover at the back. LB: Tanser, Small, Taylor, Fraser. The boy Ethan Sutherland if called upon. CB: Taylor, Dunne, Fraser, Bolton, Gogic RB: Strain, Fraser, Bolton, Flynn I genuinely think we will be fine with that. Bolton and Dunne at the moment, can't make the starting 11 due to the good form of Fraser Taylor and Gogic when dropped in there.
  21. I could be wrong though I had memories of them having a decent travelling support hence referencing them
  22. I think the demand from away fans of at least the 'usual' top 5 clubs + Dundee would sell out with an additional few hundred seats installed. The issues I see though that side of the stadium is the fact that if you join on to W7 as mentioned above, there would have to be a segregation in place which would then lose some seats for a stewards line. If it was only one side where the scoreboard currently is, would it really be worth it also for the sake of an extra few hundred seats? It would take quite some time to make the money back spent on it being built.
  23. These games are always tight with very little goals. I do however think with our new recruits (including Olunsanya), we have a much more exciting feel about our play. Wee now seem to have a couple of options on how we are going to shape up as Sunday proved, dropping Mandron to the bench. Prediction: 1-2 Saints
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