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  1. He was clueless at the time and his signings were abysmal. There was a lit of chat from his time at. Dumbarton, his assisant Jack Ross was the brains behind the operation. Could be wrong, though Ross had already made his way to Hearts ( i think) by the time he Murray came to us, so he never took him with him.
  2. Seems that we are already in the hunt for 2 defenders, on the basis of at least one leaving and the two in question have been spoken to. Imo Dunne will be away and Shaugnessy might just stay.
  3. We were forced into a couple of our subs on Saturday due to knocks. He may get his chance of more time off the bench in the last few games as you say, if we are trying to change a game plan.
  4. I'd said on Saturday, for the time he was on the park, thats the best I've seen him. If whenever got taken off injured, who knows, he may have came up with the winner.
  5. I'd taken it the same as yourself. Bedeau is contracted, as is the boy from Fulham. Surely couldn't open contract talks on under contract players, unless something has been agreed in principal with their clubs. I genuinely thought Louis Moult retired after his short stint at Motherwell due to injuries. Seems far too high a risk with his injury history. We are already needing to wait till around October on Ayunga returning, so we need players fit and ready.
  6. I said it weeks ago. He seems like a very confident character, though his confidence doesn't match his footballing ability a lot of the time. Always prone to a mistake defensively, always opts for a long ball, which almost always ends up back with the opposition. He also drops in the complete unneccessary foul time and time again. The Killie game a couple of weeks ago was simply enough for me. Will not be missed.
  7. He probably assessed how card happy and mental some of the referees decisions were, that he didn't want to take the risk.
  8. I'd play Taylor ahead of Dunne. Defensively he has been so far off it for weeks.
  9. I could be wrong, but I believe we own the wasteland across the road from the north stand on Ferguslie Park Avenue from where the road starts across from train station, up to the carpark behind the west? That's quite a bit of land. Possibly this whole stretch?
  10. Love a long ball. His passing is quite good though to be fair.
  11. Absolutely going out all guns blazing. What he has said is a bit alarming all the same.
  12. It will be interesting to see if any of our players are easier to deal with contract renewals, IF we make a European spot? It would obviously be further quids in for the club to make Europe regardless of how long it lasts, though would be willing to still sell Baccus (which I think we are due to his contract running down) or keep him to continue a strong finish from this season into next. I'd absolutely love us to extend both Baccus and Strain's contracts as I think they are two of our biggest assets, to protect our selling hand when clubs come calling. Don't be surprised if you see another one or two players coming over from Oz off the back of the success of both players.
  13. There are so many scenarios with scores that can take place from now till the end of the season. Fortunately we are still within touching distance of the 2-3 teams above us. Look at the clusterfuck run Hearts went on, when they were already months ago declared as 'best of the rest' by the media. Aberdeen could very well still drop points and Hibs and Hearts' current form fills me with hope that we stay amongst the pack and run it till the end. KTF
  14. I think the order and location of the fixtures could have been much worse tbh. The first two games are a very good chance of collecting points, actually quite as important as when we went into the last run of fixtures with Livy at home and Hearts away. If we get something from the Hibs game, it keeps us in it for climbing out of 5th. In saying that, Hibs could very well drop points to Aberdeen at Pittordrie the week after as the Dons look to secure 3rd. The timing of the remaining 3 fixtures is as good as it possibly could have went. Celtic should have won the league by then though it could potentially be trophy day. Aberdeen away midweek, we have done it before and won. Aberdeen by this point may have also secured 3rd place with the rest of the pack mathematically not able to catch them. They have much improved since we last met, though I'd always back my team. Rangers at home last day of the season. Remember this fixture in the championship, when Lewis Morgan got his first goal on the last day of the season under Alex Rae. Could be a nothing game for Rangers and possibly a farewell for a chunk of their squad. We could very much be in with a chance of need points at this stage retain our position or catch a team above us depending how well we have collected points by then.
  15. Could be that or he is wanting a UK based agent (I'm just guessing he never had one before). In saying that, Ferdinand is trying to build a portfolio of assets to get some decent moves down south. I know there is no loyalty in football especially if there is no sentimental connection with a club, though I guess our hope is that he signs a 1 year extension and we give him the opportunity to seek a move if that's what his long term plan is.
  16. I just heard there is now only 70 left as of an hour or so ago!!!!
  17. Yeah, absolute night and day to previous seasons. Could have unearthed a gem with this signing. We were certainly a little light in midfield with very few alternative types of players.
  18. I'd imagine when we have a specific points tally to determine where we finish as a minimum may trigger more activity e.g top 6 security/mathematically avoid relegation/playoffs.
  19. I'd like to think there is a chance of getting this wrapped up this week. An ideal time to get another body in for that final push in the remaining games before the split. Something fresh in midfield which could possibly gives us some creativity in midfield we may have been lacking in recent weeks. Coincidentally Diarmuid O’Carroll joins the NI national set-up at a time when this lad is looking for exposure to boost his national chances with NI. Win win?
  20. I set myself up for disappointment last night. It's happened so many times in the past under different management, going into a game that could ultimately flip your season up or down. Thats how I felt last games importance was to win. The advantage of an extra game to win and give us a cushion into Saturday. Reminded me of the Hamilton game a couple of seasons ago where we needed 3 points to secure top 6 then we lost an injury time goal. I'm hoping this is just a very slight dip in form as performance wise we weren't actually that bad at Parkhead regardless of the score and a draw would have probably have been a fairer result against Hibs. We need to get back to winning ways again on Saturday and keep up the good home form.
  21. Who would you think fits the bill that's available out of work or alternatively could be brought in via affordable compensation? I personally think the only available candidates for that are Goodwin, Ross, Tommy Wright, Kenny Shiels (not availble though could be), Courts or possibly the man himself Kettlewell. You then look further down the leagues to good performing Championship level managers. It's not always successful bringing in a manager with previous success. St Mirren took a very big punt on Danny Lennon a few years back from Cowdenbeath and he done not too badly to stabilise the club and win a cup along the way.
  22. I know its on their patch and Celtic are always favoured higher than ever there(and rightly so), though you don't have to go too far back when there was talks of 4/5/6/7-0's by media pundits and Celtic podcasters leading up to our 2-0 victory at home a few months ago. These are also one off games, in terms of whats at stake, so hopefully it has a bit of cup fever to it and gives us something similar to what we seen at Hampden back in 2013... another occasion where we were written off before a ball was kicked.
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