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  1. Yanks must be praying Spieth chips in from everywhere tomorrow. Not tremendous reading for Bob, especially with the putter. Rahm - jesus christ
  2. Looking forward to having this on in the background tomorrow. Given there are 8 balls max in play in the morning session, how long before Sky fail to show a shot? Is there a split screen option, would make so much sense if so?
  3. Think I've done that with Thistle at Cappielow. In addition to the two normal away ends, was in the stand for a league cup early round game, and we played Clydebank when they were sharing there and Thistle Fans were behind the home goal with Clydebank support in the stand.
  4. 25th is Scottish cup which we'll be in. Moving the midweek Ayr game to an international break would most likely deprive us of Neilson and MacKenzie, would have to weigh that up vs the extra cash from a Saturday 3pm kick off.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2023/09/20/video-shows-patriots-fan-hit-in-head-in-fatal-confrontation/amp/ Not going to look at the videos but this is pretty fucking grim and surprised it's not a bigger story.
  6. Just your usual pre Bills tailgate experience in this thread
  7. Much needed reset for Buffalo after last week's horrorshow, Allen has been far more sensible apart from one unnecessary hurdle attempt and the ground game has so much more variety this season. On the other side of the ball apart from the first drive the Raiders have been bottled up, Jacobs has negative rushing yards as of now though if they don't pull him he'll probably get into positive numbers in garbage time. Adams their only WR to make a catch.
  8. Raiders punting on 4th and 2 from midfield down 21. Much quit, very give up.
  9. Every time I see the Bears in orange I can't process it, keep thinking it's Denver or someone
  10. Hoping the injury time board goes up after 85 minutes with minus 5 on it.
  11. I think the Adeloye goal is even quicker than 16 seconds, by the BBC clock it's 79:42 when Ayr take the throw after he comes on and 79:50 when the ball hits the net. Doubt there will be a way to verify anything quicker unless someone was specifically brought on to take a penalty or free kick NFL style, but I don't remember any.
  12. Found it funny the chat about your disciplinary record having ten red cards in a season when your team of the early 90s got nine. Would have been ninety under today's rules (though they would have adapted etc etc) Newspaper report from @The Thistle Archive via @stuthejag
  13. tbf he is about 42 years old despite being a rookie
  14. Chalmers is really good at this level, surprised United punted him. Maybe the worst haircut in the league though, looks like the love child of Stephen Mcconalogue and Jack Grealish. Ngwenya did ok against him, you can see when he's got the ball how rapid he is and that allows him to recover even if his defensive skills aren't great. Second goal was the dagger, up til that point Ayr looked more likely. Don't want to moan too much about a four nil away win but Fitzpatrick and Mcinroy are hard to carry on the defensive side. On the plus side that might be Sneddons best game for us, Lawless turned full Maryhill Messi after half time, Adeloye scoring with his first touch after his poor performance last week was nice, and Robinson will definitely contribute as the season goes on.
  15. If our attackers stay fit I think we might well end up top scorers but we'll have enough off days that we won't come close to winning the league and our defence is still terrifying. For all that we pissed it in the end tonight the first half could have been 3-0 either way or 3-3 and we had Sneddon to thank for keeping us ahead. Saw McMillan was walking about after the game applauding the fans which hopefully means he maybe just had a dead leg or something similarly minor. If he is out for a bit then we definitely need another body in on loan or random free agent.
  16. Pass marks to Sneddon so far and that's it. Certainly doesn't look like we're playing an extra man in midfield, losing every second ball and going long to Graham who is winning nothing. Can't see any way we keep a clean sheet with a makeshift back line so going to have to score two more I think. Some save by the Ayr keeper but Graham should have had a hat trick
  17. At the away game in Vaduz in 2011 the PA announcer said before the teams came out to the Scotland fans that although their anthem had the same tune as the English anthem the words were totally different so please don't boo it, and nobody did. As for Tuesday, it was always going to be a mess, I came more or less straight from work in Glasgow so was sober whereas you've had folk coming from further afield taking the day off and absolutely wrecked, it's always going to be magnified with England as the opposition (and both bits of Ireland as also said), and you notice the bad stuff more when you're sober. At Scotland home games you can normally work out what team any loud arsehole supports after a few of their shouts. My favourite one on Tuesday was someone calling the (Italian) ref an "orange c*nt" which might have referred to the colour of his shirt I suppose, but was more likely their default insult for any ref who gives a decision against their team. The Kane stuff is obviously not on, in addition to the chants there was one guy within my earshot who shouted a couple of time to "kill that fuckin m***o" when Kane had the ball but someone told him to shut the f**k up and it stopped.
  18. Tbf as much as Ayr fans are playing this down, Ayr getting something from the game is literally odds on at the bookies. Would expect 10 of the 11 that started against Morton to start tonight with Ngwenya in for the suspended Milne. I still expect Mitchell to get back in ahead of Sneddon in time but doesn't sounds as if he is fully fit yet.
  19. We took a long diagonal kick off vs them at the euros and Dykes left an imprint of his kneecap on Luke Shaw's ribs, which everyone loved as a statement of intent.
  20. Also means this is our current squad under contract for next season McCready <blank> <blank> Williams Milne Stanway Bannigan Robinson Lyon Fitzpatrick Graham Also: MacKenzie, Stevenson, Diack, Turay Reasonable amount of continuity middle to front. McMillan (will leave unless we go up IMO) and Lawless (will probably stay) the two most notable out of contract players. Obviously players could cover the blank positions e.g. Mackenzie but easier to show where the gaps are
  21. Certainly has potential, but if he is now a starter then makes the signing of Alston even more pointless.
  22. One from Hampden on Tuesday. The song has been out for close to 40 years and people still don't realise that at the end of the first chorus of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) it doesn't go to the post-chorus da-ra-da* bit, it goes to the second verse. *you can fight amongst yourselves as to how this is pronounced.
  23. Folk in the row in front of me had half an off licence in with them, more hassle than it's worth for the stewards I guess. Same with loads of folk vaping as well. I'm never going to grass anyone in for that but it's a wee bit entitled, no? Apart from the song about Kane the worst bit of the crowd was definitely the farting though. Would the English national anthem be booed if they changed it to Jerusalem or land of hope and glory? Yes, probably less so but yes. Would the English national anthem be booed if they changed it to Mr Blobby by Mr Blobby? Undoubtedly.
  24. This bit goes unnoticed, I remembered it from the 2017 game at Hampden as well. Apart from Trippier and maybe Foden their starting 11 all massive, their centre halves are stupidly sized, Dykes looked wee compared to Dunk. So without sounding too much like Gordon Strachan we're on the back foot physically as well. We probably did quite well not to concede from a set piece. Whereas vs Spain we were able to ruffle them a bit with physicality, last night they were just bouncing off challenges, so many occasions where Rice or Bellingham got away or held off 2 or 3 players.
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