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  1. I'm not at all sure that you demonstrate that you have a grasp of these matters. Are you really suggesting that a colleague that is sick should be required to take holiday entitlement? Also, are you suggesting that the basis of @SandyCromarty's gripe is spurious?
  2. That's because many folk know that it is Wolfie Smith nonsense. It is because we all know that the sme model is one that has great efficiency. Remind me on your professional circumstance before you retired and how you find yourself now?
  3. That's quite the statement. It wasn't true last time and won't be true next time. Its almost as though anonymised social media accounts in self selecting groups aren't necessarily representative of the real world.
  4. Like you I have missed games and the only ones I've chosen to miss were some when Hughes was manager. His brand of football was so dull that on occasion I couldn't rustle up the energy to indulge him. We were unfortunate not to take anything out of today's game so with that in mind there's a case for holding the line but this losing week is another losing week.
  5. We both know that you are being performative. With that in mind I will bid you goodnight and wish you well with whatever the weekend will unfold for you.
  6. A terrier and a rat in close confines will have a particular and violent outcome. Humans when presented by the challenge presented by a rodent are blessed with a process of thought that isn't predisposed with an attack instinct. Also, I think you may have misunderstood, it's the dog the mother put in the cage, not her child.
  7. Dog owner Samantha Woods from Aberdeen on BBC Radio Scotland at one minute ten seconds into this broadcast cites licks and bosies as evidence of her hound being passive. However and to protect her young child, she confines it to a cage each and every night. She goes on to conflate human behaviour to that inherent to an animal of instinct so savage. Dogs are not human.
  8. You don't need a key to start a bike
  9. What criterion did you have for that?
  10. He literally turned his back to the camera and celebrated with rangers players. I've never, never ever seen a broadcaster do that.
  11. There is footage of our chairman celebrating our Scottish Cup progress and his relief was as obvious as his delight so at the very least, there was a huge financial easing. Of course Dodds deserves credit as you describe and only performative or churlish contributors would suggest otherwise. However, there have been poor decisions recently made and I feel an autumnal chill that Dodds would do very well to insulate himself from.
  12. Woke nonsense. Time to lift the ban on owning leopards.
  13. Derek Bateman insisted that it was poor editorial standards rather than corruption that was to blame for output that was obvious in its paucity. When the police were concentrating their prison escape enquiries in Chiswick, over the course of multiple BBC Radio Scotland bulletins, they pronounced it as Chiss-Wick.
  14. In Belsize Park? As long as you weren't doing that infantile revs limiter thingwy, you are not guilty
  15. I see there's been another flat out example of racism. What a helmet.
  16. Most of the starting eleven would like to think of themselves as challenging for regular starts. This is a worrying time for ICT. None, not one* of our new recruits have hit the ground running and some who might regard themselves as senior players are far from their top form. Unless there's a remarkable change, it'll soon be too late to retrieve this season. *Boyes might be the exception but it's too soon to tell
  17. It may well hurt the geographically specific lefties but he has a point on the needless deaths on the A9. There is a significant douce cohort that struggle to understand why we cannot get the Corran Ferry to work whilst Glasgow shipyards suck the positivity out of every opportunity. That Fergus is in the cross hairs isn't so much upon him but his colleagues who have done less than zero to prove how things might be better.
  18. and this was the last contribution from my dear friend Johnny, dear dear Johnny.
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