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  1. Maiden in Nottingham last night excellent crowd was a magic show
  2. What street mate?
  3. Eldest going to see Arctic Monkeys at Glasgow - she’s used to venues less than 1000 for gigs she’s been to ive not been to a festival or big show in years- what’s the script with this section here ? I noticed on on tv at download etc seems a pile of shit if general tix have to stand behind here - can’t recall pricier tickets for this area .
  4. Nobody seemed to know what “damage “ was when I asked your guy he went on about a light? there was nothing happening except usual banging of corrugated iron at back to make a racket. police seemed embarrassed to be there. i was there with youngest , he really enjoyed it and Cowden officials etc and fans always welcoming . I missed going there, should be equally good at Shielfield in April in cup
  5. Saw them in 97 at note Saw them again last night on Leeds 25 years later
  6. Champion I’ll get there early anyway got to get back home then back to edinburgh airport for 0645 flight
  7. I’m taking my daughter and her mates to See Arctic Monkeys at Bellahouston Park - I know, I know I can book parking at Asda Govan - will it be an utter nightmare getting out from there? I’m driving back to Berwick - was toying with parking on one of streets off Shieldhall Road then heading back to M8 via Clyde Tunnel and A814 to try and avoid bottleneck but would that be just as bad?
  8. You can save to wallet on phone
  9. Thought so first gig in Scotland for three years so wasn’t sure
  10. I’ve got Frank Turner at Liquid Rooms on 5th I got email off See tickets about covid restrictions I’m assuming it’s generic and no requirement to show pass ? As it says comply with any requirements Nothing on liquid rooms website
  11. Magnificent tonight stu Football , bloody hell
  12. Be even worse when their old man gets lifted later
  13. Ally’s good feeling Bigging up mcgregor Saved none
  14. They love this “150 years” pish the commentary team
  15. Ally has a “good feeling “ Frankfurt to win then
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