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  1. I've DMd @jagfoxsaying he's getting a shite through the letterbox
  2. Just watched the highlights. Dundee lacking in killer instinct and displaying the sort of loser attitude that has seen them go 50 (fifty) plus years without any achievements. Floating away aimlessly until their decrepit stadium is condemned and the lights get put out. On the other hand, the back to back cup winning champs absolutely rock solid mentally. Winners.
  3. I've maintained James Brown is a lower league jobber since his arrival (absolute worldy aside). Pish.
  4. Sven the DESTROYER. Pity he can't destroy some of these navy blue virgins over on the match thread.
  5. Macca is absolutely ruthless in his pursuit of excellence.
  6. Reminder that shots rang out from a Dallas book depository since Dundee were last relevant.
  7. Typical foaming OF fan who has probably turned to the bottle when his team isn't getting their own way.
  8. You lot voting for Brexit hasn't helped the £ either.
  9. Everyone on the outside seems to think it was a hard luck story over a bad 6 months. IT WAS 3 YEARS OF SHITE WITH AN INEXPLICABLE HALF DOZEN GAMES.
  10. HAHAHA he's banging on about sticking to his formation then changing it in his last game
  11. The Green Bigots are going to utterly horse us, beyond the usual horsing and into a new horsesphere.
  12. I remember when he scored that peach on the counter vs Rangers at McD thinking 'that's it, we've got our guy for years to come'
  13. Yeah, this is the crux i think. We are at the start of a rebuild journey which realistically could take 2-3 years so we're already behind the curve entirely due to short sighted planning and ineffective wasteful recruitment. We didn't (don't?) have a long term platform behind the scenes.
  14. A full and frank admission by the Dees that they were all wrong at the time and a 3 month custodial sentence should see everyone happy.
  15. These people need to understand we are currently like a cracked out jakey however, floundering in a ballpit of shit and requiring street fighters to pull us out of it.
  16. The amount of reverence from new players toward our prestige as Scotland's second most successful club of the last decade is always heart warming.
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