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  1. Would be very happy if we managed to sign Shaun Rooney. Don't know the catch though as he has been playing for them recently. He was excellent for St J in the cup winning year. Out of contract in the summer so that may be that. Believe it when it is over the line. Fully expect St Mirren or Dundee to double our offer of two bubblies and a bottle of Irn Bru.
  2. Appears to be no option to buy away tickets for the main stand. I did tweet Morton asking if they could help advise / resolve but nothing. So as far as I am aware there has never been an option to buy. Unsurprising in many ways that neither club could have noticed this and resolved or sent a communication on how to go about purchasing away main stand ticket. I plan on contacting Motherwell FC tomorrow to enquire……
  3. At least we can expect one game out of him before he inevitably breaks down. Looking forward to hearing we have been outbid for a player by Bishops Stortford. Seems everyone else is beating us to the punch so to speak ! 3 and a bit days to go. Which is one more day than I actually thought. Encouraging
  4. Can understand that. But unless they are going to offer a lot more in wages I am struggling to see the benefit to Spittal unless he fancies a change in scenery. Shame about KVV if true but was probably fanciful he was ever coming back to us. I would see it as literally the last option for Groningen given they paid us £500k+. At least it means we can look to other more realistic options assuming we were ever in for him in the first place.
  5. My thinking too. We defended as usual woefully so probably did not deserve the benefit of the doubt quite frankly
  6. There are soft as shite goals to lose then there is that soft as shite goal to lose. Absolutely 100% pathetic In keeping with every game this season pretty much we concede with the 1st effort at goal. Must be some kind of record. I particularly liked Kelly pretending that is was not a shot at his goal so he did not actually need to do anything at all.
  7. St Johnstone are heavy favourites for this game due to them having more than 1 striker. And more than that 1 striker that they thought was largely garbage and surplus to requirements. If I was St Johnstone I would sub on all forward in the 2nd half at 6 minute intervals just to rub it in. With the announcer not naming names but simply “Forward option number 2, forward option number 3, forward option number 4” and so on. Things are pretty desperate sadly. I would bite your hands off for a draw and allow us to actually build a team in the last few days of the transfer window. 2-0 St Johnstone .
  8. I have got to the point I would rather not know who we are after until they are in the building. Why does pretty much every player we seek to bring on board get leaked especially those where there is likely to be lots of competition. I know the answer is agents….but it is becoming tedious. I look forward to seeing Ozbolt sign up for Sturm Graz, Exeter City, Wigan, Dundee, St Mirren, Hibernian, Forest Green, Rotherham, Portsmouth, Hearts, any random foreign club** ** delete as appropriate
  9. I guess it is a difficult balancing act. To be fair Kettlewell did address the amount of injuries in his press conference and actively trying to manage the workload to reduce them. But football players need to train and to be fit enough for top flight football they need to train often and with intensity. I assume Montgomery injury happened whilst he was in the presser or after as he was not crying which you would forgive him for doing. The point made above and indeed Kettlewell made it himself. With the wages we have available we are relying on these types of players: 1. Players whose careers are on a downward trend. 2. Players who have been out injured. 3. Young players finding their way and /or out on loan by their clubs. 4. Players who are not wanted by their clubs for one reason or another and we maybe can afford a % of their wages. All of those categories carry a risk not least number 2 which is where we are not catching a break. I mean it is reasonable to assume hat if you sign 4 players with a history of injuries then maybe 2 of them can stay fit. Apparently not .
  10. Sadly it does not address this weekend as Ketts made it sound as if Nicholson has a way to go to get up match sharpness. This is gutting for us and the lad if true. He did so well on Saturday. It was the one part of the team I thought had a bright future. Should have bloody known. It does not seem that sporting but I wonder if it has happened early enough for us to send him back to Celtic and look for a replacement. Or can Celtic say - you broke him. Fix him before sending him back.
  11. Will watch the presser on YT later but must say this brief outtake has fair cheered me up…….
  12. We can debate all day the merits of budgetary prudence v lavish overspending. And most sensible fans including myself would always favour the former which I guess is where MFC are at this moment in time. RG has just listed their forward options - 9 players to choose from v our minimal to non existent choices. I hope and expect by the end of the window this will have been addressed. I just feel somewhere along the line we should have been better placed in terms of forward options. We could nothing about Beireth but Shaw, Obika and Wilkinson are firmly on us - Manager / Recruitment etc. Maybe we would have held on to Connor if we knew that Mika was offski. Either way even having (only) two functioning strikers is far too risky business if one succumbed to injury ! One way or another we have left ourselves woefully undercooked up front and my key point is that could come back to bite us !
  13. I guess the argument is would you rather be going into a crucial 6 pointer with an inflated squad that you need to offload a few players like St J (as per RG points) or a threadbare squad with one fit forward. You could argue the merits, but the simple fact is that right now St J have a lot more options and depth available. Clearly some of this has to do with Arsenal being Arseholes and recalling Biereth with little or no warning and us getting 8 players out the door with 4 coming in. As I said before we will have saved some money over the piece with the size of our squad or made sure we are right around budget. Hopefully we can secure at least 2 decent forwards before the window closes and bed them in asap.
  14. They were a lot better in the second half. Both teams were rank in the 1st half. They were very cynical in the last 15 minutes but they were actually all good fouls that stopped certain breakaways. At least 3 or 4 times no less. They also have a selection of forwards to choose from. What a novelty. Could come back to haunt us……
  15. Whilst watching St Johnstone v Aberdeen. St Johnstone have been quite decent and just smacked one off the bar at the death ! Looked at respective squad sizes of those teams around us. This is 1st team squad from Wiki and looks fairly accurate and up to date. St Johnstone = 31 players Livingston = 27 Players Ross County = 25 players Motherwell = 21 players. You would like to think we still have another 4 players to join up to at least take us to Ross C levels. Who will probably still add a couple more before the deadline. Of course the average wages could be quite different but that is some gap in available resource between ourselves and the Perth Saints .
  16. It was unfortunate but there was a clear foul in the box before St J scored. Yes it was missed at the time. But it was a foul. But 100% agree with all of the above. The St Johnstone player is trying to reach the ball. The Aberdeen player gets his leg in front. Absolutely unintentional and did not affect what happened at all.
  17. To be honest that is a poorer decision than the one that disallowed the goal. The Aberdeen player was not getting to the ball. Soft in the extreme.
  18. As a neutral it was a foul. Anywhere else on the pitch it would be given as a foul. That aside Aberdeen have been so poor. Almost like they cannot be arsed playing tonite. St Johnstone edging a poor game.
  19. Thanks to Hibbee Jibee (in the cup thread) this was always the most likely outcome. It does mean that we play on the Tuesday beforehand which is not ideal but little difference than a Saturday and then a Tuesday night. Does it give Morton an advantage ? Either way it is an extra £24,000 in the coffers. Although that will be impacted by a lower crowd most likely. At least those that cannot make it can watch the game. Glad to see Oli Shaw is heading back south. We are going to add up all the savings so we can bring back the main (grumpy) man…
  20. I agree in that is a position where we have numbers / cover. But the biggest issue this season has been conceding soft as **** goals almost in every game. Saturday against Alloa another case in point. So leaving as is will likely result in similar outcomes. I listened to a Killie fan on SSB the other night saying they just don’t look like conceding goals at the moment. They say (and who am I to argue) that to build a successful team you start at the back. Not saying the CB are all to blame. Kelly has made a mess a few times. But since we are not going to replace him I don’t think it would be a bad idea to try and find an Aldred type. Casey and Butcher both look a long way off the levels they reached end of last season. I tend to agree that it may not happen but I would like it too.
  21. Was surprised to see he is only 23 . At Exeter at the moment. Presumably they will look to release him when they sign Nouble.
  22. Has this been confirmed ? More than likely and hope it is the case. But because of midweek fixtures before that weekend only ourselves, Rangers and Aberdeen can apparently play on the Friday night. And since Viaplay will choose Rangers and BBC chose Aberdeen in the last round on the Friday…… Edit to add - we play Ross C at home on Tuesday 6th Feb. Aberdeen play Rangers same night. All other teams are down to play on the Wed night. Hope that means there is no Friday night game. 3 days recovery would not be great
  23. He is quite the enigma. One minute he takes the ball down dribbles the ball towards goal fends off several opposition players and gets a shot off. The next he misplaces a five yard pass or fails to control a simple pass. On the face of it he has been a solid signing. I hope he can kick on. I guess it all depends who we bring in over the next 10 days. Either way he likely to be the 2nd or 3rd choice striker in the pecking order. I would be a wee bit concerned if he was our out and out number 1 striker.
  24. Do you not think Halliday will start in midfield once he is fully up to speed ?
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