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  1. I don't suppose you have a link or number to this? I trust it won't result in me almost dying any time I do some DIY in the house though?...
  2. I trusted predictive there. I won't lie, it was a better attempt than if I'd tried to spell it
  3. I've been referred to Rhumotology and tbh I don't think that will be of any benefit. I'm more looking for another initial consultation. As I say, the locum Doctor couldn't get me out the door quick enough.
  4. Has anyone ever went private for healthcare treatment? If so, did you pay for a one off consultation or do you have to sign up to some kind of package? Saw the Doctor a couple of months ago (a lochum at that who clearly didn't give a f**k) who was absolutely useless in giving me answers and has referred me to a department I doubt will get me any closer to what the problem is. The wait time for my appointment is 6/7 months apparently. Not ideal. Seriously considering going private but don't know where to start tbh.
  5. I think that very harsh on defenders tbh. I don't think every defender in this country is a failed midfielder. It's a bit like Jamie Carragher's daft comment that full backs only play full back because they can't play CB. We literally have a player at CB who's played at a higher level than most players in the division. A CB was the division's player of the year last season as well. Football is changing. The days of defenders being 6ft 5 mutants who can only boot a ball and header are fading; as much as this seems to pain some folk. I think defenders are far more technically advanced than they were years ago*. * Not so much ours, mind you...
  6. If you had a heat map of Connelly I'd expect the centre of the park would be covered. He wasn't a traditional CM position but he was certainly central. Agree with this. Thought Houston was doing pretty well clearing his lines and thought Logan was going to be hooked. Pretty surprised when it was Houston.
  7. At no point have I said it's working. You can't just make things up. What is clear to see is that we are so lightweight in the middle of the park. Our striker got next to no service yesterday and the defence got very little cover. At times Hamilton were strolling through the middle of the park and when we had the ball at the back the defence lost it because they held onto it too long as no one was dropping from midfield. That was with 3 CM/5 midfielders. I can't compute how anyone thinks losing a player from the middle to throw up front would improve our fortunes.
  8. 19QOS19

    Week 3

    The Jets did something
  9. 19QOS19

    Week 3

    It's painful sitting here with a can and the log burner going watching The Jets be as shite as ever. I can't imagine how those poor b*****ds sitting in the pishing rain must feel.
  10. We aren't good enough to go with two up front as it stands, that may well be down to the recruitment of course. I don't think MB ever had any intention of setting up with 2 mind you. If we had the personnel to be able to play 2 up front I wouldn't argue the toss. I just think it would be complete carnage if we sacrificed a midfielder though. If we had a full side (or more importantly Brydon at the back) it may be interesting to see if he goes for it. I doubt it though.
  11. As I say, we've been playing with one up front for a few seasons now. It's not a MB implementation - remember the genius move from AJ to play Dobbie up top alone? The reality is a lot of sides play with one striker now which means they have another body in the middle. I wouldn't fancy us 4 vs 4 in most games, never mind 4 vs 5. The point is that 2 up front wouldn't solve any of our problems. If anything it would make things a lot worse.
  12. Recruitment's an entirely different discussion. Putting another striker up front weakens us in the middle which we clearly can't afford. I've not really seen a side play 4 midfielders with none of them playing wide tbh. Perhaps a 'diamond' but it'd still leave us short in the middle. It's still hard to judge MBs tactics tbh. The number of times our players decide to pass the ball to absolutely no one (even when under no pressure) or happily gift goals is ridiculous. I doubt that's incorporated into his game plan. Cammy Logan can find himself extremely lucky to still be playing. Getting really fed up of him losing possession.
  13. We get overrun with 5 (3 CM) midfielders, how would removing one make us more difficult to beat? I dread to think how bad it would get if we had one less player in there given how dodgy we are already.
  14. You've literally answered your own questions later in the very same post.
  15. Clear as day penalty. The ball is likely going in if he doesn't touch it.
  16. I'm not trying to sell it. I just think it's a strange time to comment on it given it looks like the way we'll be going for the time being. Until we get a couple of quality midfielders who can hold a midfield on their own, then I doubt we'll sacrifice a midfielder for a striker. 2 up top is a dying thing in football anyway.
  17. We've played with one up top for a few seasons now. We do have players capable of supporting the striker but they clearly weren't at the races yesterday. Your second point is exactly the reason we're likely playing with one up top. If the midfield is lightweight enough as it is then removing a midfielder for a striker isn't going to do us any favours.
  18. There's some irony to your post here. You're commenting on how some of the seats are broken and then go on to describe exactly why a lot of the seats are broken in the away end. Sadly too many folk don't have any respect for anything that doesn't belong to them. Didn't think Hutchinson was too bad tbh. He had absolutely no service whatsoever so I'm not sure what more he could have done. I noticed Todd shouting at him but if was the same incident you're talking about it wasn't for his lack of movement it was because he went far too soon for a run and was offside. It was a really poor run from him.
  19. This. Not a chance he'll be under any pressure otherwise. 3rd was realistically as good as we could have hoped for this season. Until we're miles away from that he won't be going anywhere.
  20. Overall Hamilton deserved that. The second half was a bit of a non-event until the goal I thought and a 'draw' from the second half would have been a fairer reflection than the draw in the first half. Hamilton should have had it won by HT. Would like to see the winner again mind you. I thought the boy fell over the ball rather than fouled by Gibson. No complaints overall. We were nowhere near as good as Hamilton. Normally we're shite defensively but our attack gets us out the hole. We were very poor going forward today and offered next to nothing in the second half other than Connelly's strike. We're definitely playing for 3rd unless something drastic happens.
  21. Happy with that at HT. Purely because Hamilton could have been out of sight if their finishing was better. We haven't helped matters with our usual gifts. Thankfully they haven't taken advantage so far. We're so easy to play against. We can pass it nicely at times but at a snails pace. I actually think Hamilton had decided to take a breather before our goal as we were doing absolutely nothing with it. The peach from Cochrane probably stunned them somewhat. Right after the goal Hamilton up it again though. Somehow missing a sitter near the end of the half. Unless something massive changes at HT I really can't see us not conceding again. The one saving grace is that Hamilton don't look impenetrable at the back so we might sneak another as well.
  22. As good a goal we'll see at Palmerston this season. Excellent football. Applauded it myself.
  23. There was a thread about American singer JoJo years ago. I'd imagine it was that one. Very creepy.
  24. Highlight of that episode was the exchange between Sam and Greg on the live task. Sam to Alex: Can I ask questions? Greg: You can ask me a question. Sam: Are you a child of divorce? Proper burst out laughing.
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