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  1. Be careful, watches are probably more addictive than crack, the discounts will lure you in, then before you know it, you're buying two a month. My mates out of control with it, got about 47 watches some interesting pieces though, will see if he'll allow pics. Thank you.
  2. I'm just looking at the options we have just now, hopefully be fixed in January. Thank you.
  3. Well said, McGhee contributes nothing in the RWB role, it's just continual back/sideways passes, just once Jordan run down the fucking wing and take on the full back. FFS. Probably better off with Kerr. Thank you.
  4. I do, you cannot grab a players shirt like that in the box now that VAR is here, and if Clancy has the bollocks to send the boy off, (probably a yellow) then he will give a penalty against them, no probs. IMO. eta freekick was right on the edge of the box as well, no pen either. IMO.
  5. Good luck with that clown if you're relying on him to make decent signings.
  6. Not enough belief in the 2nd half. No complaints, hope Portales is ok.
  7. Was away to post that, 2 goals he's flogged, was a stonewall penalty as well, fucking stupid from him.
  8. Whiskas or Felix, doesn't like the beef Felix for some reason. eta I would rather starve to death than eat cat food, it's just horrendous. IMO.
  9. It's a sacrifice I'm prepared to make, same with the pie charts, graphs and statistics. I really dislike the Perth FC now, (couldn't give a monkeys about them before) and it's mainly due to that chunt. Thank you.
  10. Think it was Morag Pirie that ran the line at Dens a few times, right in front of the Derry, fair play to her, she did well, despite the unsavoury comments. Thank you.
  11. I'd like to see female refs given a chance up here, got to be better than the male morons running the show just now. Thank you.
  12. Should've punted beardy and given the Doc the job, (obviously the brains behind the operation) done an outstanding job at Dens, well pleased. Thank you.
  13. You're always busy Shadow, busy busy, where you get the time to post this? Thank you.
  14. Unfortunately no, very rare, probably worth a fair bit. Would take it to Dickinsons Real Deal, or Antiques Roadshow for an evaluation, if I owned it. Thank you.
  15. That's London for you, could wander around in Dundee with a high end Patek or AP, no fucker would have a clue what it was. Thank you.
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