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  1. It's getting to that stage, about to see a photo, video or account of the sasquatch, and it jumps to a Tui ad, with a stupid woman in a swimming costume. Boils my piss. Thank you.
  2. Don't bring Hamas into it, your mob are worse than the other arse cheek. IMO. Thank you.
  3. Forget about it, I've had the same from a geriatric idiot on here as well. Voice your opinion mate. Don't feel guilty.
  4. Spot on. It's an absolute nonsense that you cannot get from Glasgow to Dundee for a 7.45pm kick off? They should've been in Dundee at lunch time having their pre match meal/fannying around at one of the numerous hotels in the city. That was the shite that annoyed me the most, the pyrotechnics was just plod/security incompetence. Can do what they like though, as the spineless clowns in charge look on. Thank you.
  5. Only seen him for brief spells, but he's better than both of the pair Docherty's going with. IMO.
  6. Yeah, give him a chance Doc. FFS. 2 nil down and all Bakayoko has to do is dink the ball over the keeper, and we're back in it. But no, another fucking miss.
  7. The delay in kick off, which was tin pot enough, then followed by a moronic dangerous display, from the hordes of morons. Thank you.
  8. Should've been stopped when Clancy marched every fucker off.
  9. Any other team, apart from the other arse cheek, carrying on like this would have had the book thrown at them.
  10. Somebody will get a bad burn from a flare, probably a child, and then there will be a load of hand wringing and shite.
  11. Forfeit the points and then there will be no more of this dangerous moronic shite. It's a simple as that.
  12. I remember the old days, when 'Coisty' had them booked into the Golf Hotel at Carnoustie, the night before they played Forfar in the bottom league. Now we've got this 'tinpottery'. How the mighty have fallen. 3 points should be forfeited. Thank you.
  13. Plod in full riot gear standing off against a bunch of skinny 15 year old 'yoofs'.
  14. Quietly confident, although that usually ends in disaster. No refereeing fuckwittery either, that's all you can hope for. Thank you.
  15. Wind your neck in pumpkin head. Thank you. eta It's also not a Perth dimwits forum.
  16. They'll probably ask permission from his wife and get told to f**k off as well. Tinpot shite. Thank you.
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