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  1. And annoyed Kilmac to the point we started a season without a shirt sponsor. I mean, he seems like Gardiner's type of guy. Bomber Brown vibes.
  2. Apparently the answer to the original question was Philippe Senderos.
  3. That's a bit of a pisstake from the ref adding on 6 minutes when the team are getting pumped 0-8. He clearly wanted 10 as well.
  4. Neil Warnock is a bit of a legend down Sheffield way is he not? They should punt Heckingbottom now and get him in. They'll still go down but they'll go down with a bit of fucking discipline.
  5. I don't think so but it'd be an interesting fight. He's definitely the best outside the AJ, Fury, Wilder and Usyk tier. I'd maybe like to see him against Ruiz and if he beat him, the hype could really begin.
  6. Give Zhang a huge title fight against Fury in China. Should be a comfortable Fury win but I'm buying that PPV.
  7. Zhang is just a class above Joyce. Dominated the opening 3 rounds.
  8. Think when Rudden came on, Bakayoko was shunted to Robinson's position and highlighted how difficult it is. Robinson needs to prove he deserves that main man status again. Incredibly difficult at RW but felt sorry for him even he won possession back for us in our RB area. If he's to reach the potential he showed at times last season though, he still needs to show his class even out of position. Deep down, I still believe him to be our best striker but he needs to start showing it. He's at the point where he probably deserves dropped. His confidence is absolutely shot though. How does he recover from a dropping?
  9. Really enjoyed Zhang's performance on Joyce last time round. He looks a step below the top tier but he's someone I'd like to see against them. Joyce looked utter pish last time. For that reason, I'm wanting Zhang to kick on again as I think he's the more interesting match up against the top tier even if likely to get beat.
  10. I've never really been into the EPL, but if asked I'd say I'm a Crystal Palace 'fan' having been to their ground once and the obvious Dundee connections with not only Speroni but the likes of Fan Zhiyi and Walter Del Rio who played for us when I was growing up. So I have to say, I'm a bit sickened by myself but Tottenham are currently the first team I look out for at the moment and I've totally bought into Big Ange on his tour down South to the point that I'm genuinely a little bit hyped for the game tomorrow.
  11. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that it's ignored the first year they've changed host. There seems to be a noticeable shift in target audience since that happened.
  12. Yeah, changed my opinion somewhat. As I said in an earlier post, thought it was at least a yard out at the time but that's obviously much tighter either way.
  13. Fair comments from McInnes. Possibly my favourite non-Dee manager in the league and possibly the one I think is the best bar Rodgers.
  14. Genuinely thought the ball was about a yard out and bounced back onto the pitch and McInnes was just speeding things up to try and get a winner by kicking it back up the pitch. Again, it's the incompetence of the ref and linesman for me but I appreciate the point that McInnes shouldn't have come out of his area regardless of the circumstances.
  15. We've not done the fucking first one yet!
  16. Did anyone notice Will Dennis try to fight with our groundsman at FT? Looked raging then ended up pushing Owen Beck then sprinted to the ref and was greeting about our second goal claiming he was fouled. Amusing stuff.
  17. Looked like Docherty helped get McInnes sent off which was pretty amusing but that looked like another non-even terribly mishandled by the officials.
  18. It's the lack of consistency that boils my piss the most. Mulligan's red is deemed soft/debatable enough to have the ref have a second look. He stands by his decision - at the game I didn't think it was a red - but fair enough. He's then standing over the Deas challenge which is just as bad if not worse as the studs looked up and deems that only a yellow. Either both are reds or neither are IMO.
  19. Can't think of many, if any, mainstream comedians that don't turn to utter shite as they get older. Even the GOAT, Billy Connolly's stuff substantially dipped towards the latter end of his stand up career. Can't be long until the tide turns on Carr and he becomes embittered and tries to become ever more the shock jock before he actually starts believing some of his content and becomes just a more modern version of the likes of Jim Davidson or Roy Chubby Brown.
  20. f**k me that's poor from Shamal George.
  21. My best guess was Steve Finnan which doesn't fit either.
  22. Mark Schwarzer kills that, I think.
  23. Got sent this on WhatsApp and it's went a wee bit 'viral' as it's now at the stage of 'Forwarded Many Times' but I've yet to see an answer for it so asking the people of P&B to solve for me. Who am I? I have played with all these players but none of these clubs... Stoke Shay Given Clint Hill West Ham Joe Cole Kieran Richardson Chelsea Mark Schwarzer Eidur Gudjohnsen Man City Scott Sinclair Fabian Delph Blackburn David Bentley Shane Duffy Man United David Beckham Louis Saha
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