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  1. Don’t know why they’re not on the site but they’re all on the YouTube page
  2. I can’t remember us ever beating a Derek McInnes side (one for the stattos to see if they can find one) so I’d be happy with a draw here tbh
  3. My FM saves would have us losing 1-0 in Dingwall with a certain former striker getting the goal
  4. There’s probably only 1 corner between the family & west stands that we could actually fill in anyway because I think we’d need 1 corner at the main stand free for ambulance access, 1 corner has the scoreboard & the corner between the west & away stand would probably need to stay for segregation purposes
  5. I think you’re all forgetting the absolute certainty that 1-0 Obika is
  6. Having seen it back on sportscene i have no idea how Motherwell didn’t get a penalty in the first half
  7. Don’t think the yellow was just for that foul it would’ve been persistent fouling that he was eventually sent off for
  8. Think everyone apart from Stephen Robinson saw that second yellow for O’Hara coming
  9. It’s St Mirren away from home so probably 3-0 Livi with an early red card & a couple of penalties conceded
  10. I don’t think he can actually play for anyone else until the window opens in January
  11. RussellV1

    Fifa 23

    My biggest problem with the game is that I’m terrible at defending
  12. RussellV1

    Fifa 23

    So from what I’ve played so far this game’s pretty rotten
  13. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/joe-shaughnessy-partick-thistle-loan-27957302 Shaughnessy linked with a loan move to Thistle. He’s far too good to be playing in the Championship
  14. What’s the report on Robby McCrorie then lads? Talk that Carson has picked up an injury for us & McCrorie is coming in on loan
  15. Opening league game v Motherwell moved to the Sunday cos they play on the Thursday in Europe
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