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  1. It has all been said by others but I just wanted to add my own appreciation of Stephen Dobbie, the man and player. We will never see a player of his calibre playing for Queens again. He is also a top man. I vividly remember having a brief chat with him when he was playing for Swansea. At the time, I was living on Wirral and Swansea had a cup match at Prenton Park in 2010. The likes of Dobbie and Scott Sinclair played that night, with both coming off the bench. I sat with the Swansea fans and heard many of them say complimentary things about Stephen Dobbie. It is not only us that appreciates him and his talent. As the players were doing their pre-match warm up, I gestured to Dobbie who came towards me. I informed him I was a Queens supporter and he was a legend. He gave me the biggest smile said he loved the club and went on to stroll through the game when he was introduced in the second half. I have many happy memories of him in a Queens shirt, watching his sublime skills in action as well as his exquisite finishing. There are too many highlights to choose from but every goal he scored was special. I feel so grateful and privileged to have witnessed such a talented player play for my club. Thank you, Stephen.
  2. Nothing in it. A draw beckons and I am not usually that optimistic.
  3. Trying to be optimistic in the face of such dire form and I think we (Queens) probably already have enough points but our goal difference gives me doubts. A draw at Somerset Park next week and we are fine. I don't want to see us needing anything on the final day of the season against Dundee.
  4. The maths is pretty straightforward now. Without relying on other results, we need to avoid defeat at Somersert Park next week. We may already have enough points but our goal difference gives me the fear. I don't want to be going into the last game of the season against Dundee needing anything.
  5. I can only see Dykes getting better and becoming even more important for club and country. Well done, Lyndon.
  6. Holt is better than Marshall. Stirling blows hot and cold. Doyle, I liked a lot and his versatility was useful.
  7. This. We need Dobbie big time for this match. I expect Thistle to score from a cross into the box. That is an absolute certainty.
  8. The best we can hope for now is the play-off spot. We seemed utterly lacking in spirit in the second half tonight. Naysmith has to go whether we somehow manage to stay up or not.
  9. He is an artist. He is both clinical and an exquisite footballer. Also a top bloke and a model professional. What a player.
  10. Exactly. What little I have seen of Stirling, left me wondering why he didn't feature more often. Naysmith clearly does not rate him for whatever reason. I am pleased we have Thomas back. His is more of a mercurial talent and at least Naysmith will definitely give him some game time.
  11. Dom Thomas is joining us from Motherwell. He is a 20 year old right winger.
  12. I was there as well. A wild stab in the dark would be in the region of 2000. Possibly not quite as many but not far off.
  13. I have every confidence that he will make a significant impact. He looks leaner than last time and has such tremendous experience behind him. I just wonder if he will play in a more withdrawn role as he has been doing for most of his time in England. Just give him the ball and let him work his magic.
  14. I haven't posted in ages and now I am speechless. The man is a legend. What a signing.
  15. Any news on tonight's U20 match v Queen's Park?
  16. Saddened by the news of Richie Benaud's death. A truly great commentator and top man.
  17. I would just like to add to the general consensus that Antell is pish and is hopelessly out of his depth.
  18. That makes perfect sense to me, although I fear Atkinson may be completely out of his depth. He just looks so slight.
  19. There's definitely not much possibly about it either.
  20. We are relegation candidates for sure. Any early season optimism that we could reach fourth spot (although I never thought we'd do quite as well as that) has evaporated. We just need to make sure we are not relegated. If McIntyre stays for the entire season, I dread to think what might happen.
  21. According to the OS, Callum Antell is injured. I am sceptical.
  22. Please be true. I'd take Zander Diamond instead of Antell.
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