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  1. Go on Colly !!!! Clarke gone !
  2. There is no qualifying for the 4 Nations from the Euro Cup AFAIK. France are it as the 4th Northern Hemisphere team for now.
  3. I was at the game on Saturday. At HT I was ready to go home but Tony Smiths tinkering seemed to settle us down a bit. He moved Lee Smith out to right wing, put Hammond in at right centre. Perhaps most importantly he put Sinfield in at acting half to direct the team from the ruck similar to what Cameron Smith does for the Aussies. It will be a tough game next Saturday against the Kiwis, I am tempted to get McGuire to feck. He is a "catch and passer" and terrifed of taking the ball into contact. Tomkins played well in the 2nd half and looked like our one back that could cause the Aussies problems.
  4. Transformers on Sky Prem, truely fecking awful. Not a patch on the cartoon.
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