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  1. Has Bolton not spent most of his playing career at right back ? Fraser is most definitely not the player you want in there to replace Strain.
  2. A routine pumping for us at the stadium of bile & hatred. The wheels still currently off the bus. Cant see where our next goal is coming from let alone a point.
  3. We’ve been dross for weeks, the early season form has evaporated. Be lucky to make top six with displays like that.
  4. Carson after a fairly dodgy start to his career with us, was a decent keeper. Zach Hemming is not only proving to be an upgrade on Carson, his all round game is much better, and he’s destined to play at a higher level with his rapid progress and his consistency.
  5. A very hard watch today, but all things considered it was a very good 3 points that keeps us in third place. We’re not the same without Baccus & Strain and that extra quality would have made a difference in such a horrible game. We really do have some great fighting qualities when required. Kiltie Tanser and Taylor were our best performers today. Shame on the morons amongst the Livi support who abused Richard Taylor when he was stretchered off.
  6. Nowhere near our best tonight but could have and should have won that game. I thought both goals we lost were very poor, a shame for big Gogic to make such a poor mistake at the first, and just rank bad defending for the second. Great to see young Lewis get his first goal with that equaliser. He had a great impact coming on with Alex Greive who was so unlucky not to score.
  7. Am I alone in thinking that something isn’t right with regards to what’s going on with the refs in this country. Given what I’ve seen this season from that moron Nick Walsh while officiating in games involving us, he’s been a disgrace. Yesterday confirmed his obvious bias toward the Govan tramps. He along with Beaton Dickinson and one or two others need booted out immediately.
  8. What is our allocation for tonight? Apparently sold all the tickets.
  9. Billy Davies is available, most recently threw his hat in the ring for a shot at taking on the Rangers job till the end of the season.
  10. I can’t for the life of me understand why the new advertising boards would annoy you. Every premiership ground has them, so everyone should be used to them by now.
  11. This is exactly what he needs, there’s no doubting his ability as he is still getting used to Scottish football. It’s worthwhile pointing out that every single team we’ve played have been doubling up on him defensively, sometimes in regards to yesterday there were 3 men on him. No doubt in my mind he’s vital to our system of play.
  12. I reckon your board should act now and empty McLean before the situation becomes non retreavable. If you get a half decent appointment in place now to get the best out of what is basically the squad you’ll have for the next 7 months then, at least it might give you a fighting chance of not getting isolated.
  13. I can’t see him keeping his job after that crazy post match interview. He should have kept his powder dry until he got in the dressing room. He’s flung a team already running on empty, under the bus. How in the name of f**k does he expect players to back him let alone want to play for him after that.
  14. Deary me that post is positively dripping with tears.
  15. If they are going to give themselves a chance of surviving then they need to punt their manager immediately. When you do TV interviews stating that some of the players won’t play for you again, then it’s clear the dressing room will not be behind him. That was a fatal mistake on McLeans part.
  16. Well after an initial 20 odd minutes of stubborn resistance from the fakes, Keanu fires in a cracker and then there was only going to be one winner. It’s just as well we weren’t on form or it could have been really embarrassing for the Perth mob. Any team who don’t give the ball back after you put the ball out to allow an injured player attention deserve to lose, that was fucking shite behaviour. So GIRUY
  17. He’s a stick on to score in front of 125 Massey Ferguson tractors enthusiasts.
  18. Ticket sales are looking good again as we head towards another good home support for this game. Not sure what to expect in terms of how we set up without Ryan Strain but the options are in place to shuffle the pack, and still have a good strong starting eleven with a strong bench.
  19. Hopefully this guy is another disastrous appointment for this horrid abomination of a club. Sickening to see these sectarian bigots positively rejoice when our national team lose.
  20. Walsh still managed to award a foul on McMenamin for Soutar taking one of the most blatant and embarrassing dives I’ve seen. He’s a tragic excuse for a referee.
  21. That’s what they are all about, pumping diddy teams who have absolutely nowhere near the resources at their disposal, suits your average old firm type. If it were anything like a level playing field then it would be far more interesting. The gap is huge when they have one player who cost four and half million, and our most expensive player is McMenamin at 100K. Let’s not kid ourselves it will never change as they don’t want it to change. 2 clubs run by bigots funded by bigots and supported by bigots.
  22. I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m tired of playing both of the bigot sisters, I tend to switch off from games against both of them and regain any interest when playing the other teams in the league. The years of never being on a level playing field and all the bile and media fawning over both clubs, takes its toll. The coverage of the game on Sky was also embarrassing. FTOF.
  23. I thought we allowed Rangers time to settle and dictate the tempo of the game, when really I was expecting us to go right at them and try to unsettle a team with zero confidence. The penalty and resulting red card ended the game as a contest.
  24. I’ve got the fear that the blue bigots will turn up today and we won’t. Im not used to folk making us out as favourites to win, it doesn’t feel right. As has been said before historically both old firm teams seldom lose 2 league games in a row. The odds are stacked against us as we also have a honking record against this mob.
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