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  1. 13 hours ago, Cheese said:



    Wonder if they used the same infiltrating skills they learned accessing Milly Dowlers phone or used the old fake sheik rouse. Could he not have went for the I knew he was a journalist so I was playing up to the fuzzy laptop camera defence.

  2. 3 minutes ago, HeWhoWalksBehindTheRows said:

    What's the legalities of just walking right across these fat fucking losers? Do you have to wait till the last  wifie-that-looks-like-man fat mess flumps past?

    According to the Book of Bigots one should respectfully let life's losers waddle past but not cross directly downwind of the last stragglers in the parade as it may lead to dry boaking and gagging.

  3. On 29/06/2024 at 08:28, dirty dingus said:

    I think Trump will be taken out before he can implement his dictatorship plan. He's too much of a loose cannon for the security agencies and a few will have scores to settle with him.

    Any questions please speak to my lawyer  


  4. Will Barry O'Bama step up to help his old mate Biden out and assume his candidacy. They could sell it as a act of kindness between good friends and play the sympathy card and wheel out BIden to take the teary plaudits for his brave battles and his undying love for Old Glory and the UUUUSSSSSSofAAAAAAA.

  5. If there was proportional representation there would be a left wing party formed which would get loads of votes and cancel out the Faragists. When Labour voters are questioned on Brexit, Trident, Palestine and Nationalisation they all seem to be against the heid yins policies but vote for them as down south they don't really have a choice.

  6. I came back to Scotland for a month so I got to vote.  I voted SNP but I was a bit meh as I didn't actually think Cowan was a good MP, seemed more interested in talking about puggies and cannabis than trying to bring regeneration to Inverclyde. The Labour guy who won is a lying identikit new labour arsehole who was never out the paper talking down our local hospital and being a dour faced p***k in general. It will be interested to find out how much Labour spent on their campaign and who funded it as their presence was everywhere compared to all other parties.

  7. 28 minutes ago, carpetmonster said:

    There it is boys; the endorsement to end all endorsements. It’s Nigel’s to lose now. 



    He got dumped off a Romanian Cheeky Girl. Revenge of the Nerds. 

      Öpik "passed documentation on to the singers' constituency MP and spoke to a Home Office minister," when the Irimias were facing deportation to Romania.[8] The couple announced their engagement in April 2008 after Öpik proposed in Rome,[9] but the engagement was short lived and a breakup was announced three months later

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