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  1. 55 minutes ago, Silverton End said:

    Cowan's ego is in overdrive today, it's all about him and his gigs, had to turn it off.


    Just turned it on bbc sounds. The quality of guests is piss poor. Will they actually talk about the football today. Think Cosgrove is about to chuck it,  doesn't sound too well and when he's on you can hear how much Cowan does his head in. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Richey Edwards said:

    Yeah no point in postponing the Euros during the group stage. Should wait until the group stage is finished. 

    Any team knocked out in qualifying should be given a map and a whistle and flown directly to Tenerife by private planes owned by Moroccan drug lords to join the search. 





  3. 4 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

    Thats about £170k outlay per month for punting dodgy pills in raves on Ibiza and Tenerife.

    And despite such a high outlay on staff and no doubt merchandise,  they only punt 5 backpacks of gear per night amd putting a literal child in charge. Load of shite. 

    I've no doubt they are out there for less than legal purposes and there more to it than 'raver goes missing on a come down', evidenced further by this Lucy girl making a point of not having her face shown on TV but this is the stuff of pure fantasist.

    Mind the Peru 2. Basically they said they wanted to live a hedonistic lifestyle and agreed to take 12kg of coke in from Peru for like 5k each. I'm sure there are plenty of young idiots who will do dealing at raves for a couple o hundred quid and free gear.

  4. 7 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:


    This is an absolutely wild ride of a post

    So they sell 13 grand of pills and these big time dealers pay them 20 grand? That right? Big time killers are going to have an 18 year old girl running the show? 

  5. 34 minutes ago, hk blues said:

    There's a squad of polis in Portugal who have experience in this type of situation.  The family should give them a bell.

    I don't think your permitted to use you mobile phone on the manicured courses of the Algarve.

  6. The family and friends already saying the Spanish cops aren't up for the search and want good old full english bobbies out looking for him. Walking 11 miles at night in a mountainous national park more than likely full o pills sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

  7.                                                          Gunn

                      Tierney       McKenna        Hanley      Robertson


                         McGinn              McTominey              Christie




    Forrest given a free role, Gilmour to drop in and cover for Tierney or Robertson bombing on. I know Tierney is on the wrong side but I'd rather him there than Ralston or McCrorie.



  8. Just watched a good video showing the Germans tactics and how Tony Kroos controlled the game.  Hopefully the Swiss haven't watched it.


  9. Kick off is at 2am here so basically fannying about doing nothing to pass time before going to a German bar at 11pm with a couple o kraut friends sporting the classic 78 umbro top. C'mon Scotland.

  10. Incompetence? The flagship BBC politics show Question Time has a producer and audience picker who has in the past invited the EDL to apply to be on the show, shared and liked posts by Britain First was a member of Facebook group British Patriotic Front. She selects racist and bigots like Billy Mitchell who's been on the show numerous times and Sherri Peach a former candidate for the NF and a Free Tommeh lunatic.

  11. 26 minutes ago, Fullerene said:

    Militarily it is incredibly difficult to invade an island.  There are countless examples of massive naval forces being used to Invade relatively small islands with small populations.

    Hitler could never have invaded Britain.  The German Navy was pathetic compared to the Royal Navy (apart from the U-boats but I wouldn't suggest using them to invade anywhere).  Hitler did not want to defeat Britain.  He wanted Britain to withdraw from the war '- maybe keep its empire but leave him a free hand in Europe.

    By comparison Hitler invaded Russia (and elsewhere in the East) for the same reason as Napoleon and others before him - lots of land for much less effort than trying to invaded Britsin or even Ireland.  That was the war he always wanted.

    Could he not have just rolled his panzers through the Eurotunnel. According to all those patriot gammons who are always defending Oor Kultcha all you need to overthrow Blighty is a rubber dinghy and someone to point you in the direction of Dover.

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