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  1. When Donald Campbell's Bluebird blew up on Conniston Water, the only trace of him they found was his wrist, but hisTimex watch was still going at the right time.
  2. Agreed. It shouldn'thave started. They could have imposed a 30 minute delay to KO.
  3. Agreed. I thought Philippa Whitford was excellent too.
  4. Some good speeches in this debate. I thought Pete Wishart was excellent. Did anyone else feel Tony Blair should have been subjected to this degree of humiliation over his WMD lies?
  5. Or flute, depending on your persuasion.
  6. I suggested that our noble King's award of The Order of the Thistle to his wife could increase support for Scottish Independence. Sincere apologies for any offence this might have caused.
  7. These fuckers are going nowhere. Scotland will need to break away from them.
  8. Yes, they really need to concentrate on the matter(s) in hand.
  9. Food for thought for all these boat people spending their life savings trying to get on a boat? Seriously, well done GS, a very worthwhile cause.
  10. Could you maybe rephrase that?
  11. Can you do the same for me? Thanks...
  12. Time to delete all our old tweets and/or posts on here and unite behind the guy again? A bit like what Celtic fans are currently doing with Brendan Rodgers!
  13. I was in a check out queue at Lidls recently when the woman in front of me's phone rang. She answered it, and in a snooty accent told the caller that she was in a queue at Sainsburys and would call back shortly.
  14. Kay Burley and Beth Rigby salivating over the report, conveniently forgetting they were both suspended by Sky News for night's out/partying during covid lockdowns.
  15. She got a job doing the weather forecasts on BBC1 Breakfast.
  16. He might actually have a point with his assertion that the majority of Scots are not obsessed with politics. A quick glance around this forum could create an impression that a good number of Scots are more obsessed with the exploits of mediocre daytime TV presenters than with our political heroes and villains.
  17. Possibly yes, but mainly due to your corrupt mates in Westminster.
  18. Normalisation of the far right thread for this pish.
  19. He talked a lot of sense - certainly more than Jim Fairlie. Time to forgive and forget?
  20. You mean that's what he's saying just now.
  21. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2023/05/26/unionists-must-work-together-quash-snp-magic-independence/ Can only get the first sentence of this article here, but it's enough to let us know where we stand in the grand scheme of things.
  22. Hopefully there will be 5 pro-independence people on the panel by the end of the programme. But somehow I doubt it....
  23. Reminds me of that one where a blindman is standing at a street corner, with his guide dog, waiting to cross the road. Suddenly for no good reason, the dog cocked its leg and peed all over his master's trouser leg. The blindman then began fishing in his pocket, looking for a biscuit to give to the dog. A passer-by has observed this and says to the blindman : The dog's just pissed on your leg and now you're giving it a biscuit? Says the blindman, : I'm just trying to find its mouth mate, then I'm going to kick it in the bollox!
  24. I'm sure he's being perfectly serious. I'm wondering about anti monarchists in Scotland. Would we have to leave the UK as well?
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