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  1. Still a long way to go in the window.

    There's no way Hamilton will be oblivious to St Mirren and Dundee's movement. I would imagine that they'll have a wee bit of dosh with Brustad/Bloomfield going back to their parent clubs (and maybe some more from the Ferguson deal) and biding their time until the right players come up, which is often towards the end of the window. It's going to be a very interesting second half of the season. 

  2. 18 minutes ago, Big Shedboy said:

    What's the latest on Cammy Smith to United? Any ideas?



    He'll go to the highest bidder. 

    I think a couple of weeks ago, Kearney would let him go for nothing. Now with it being public, Ross County & Ayr are both in the mix. Whoever signs him will most likely win the Championship - he's that good at that level.

  3. On 30/12/2018 at 02:03, EdiBairn said:

    It's not "ITK crap" or winding anybody up. All I'm doing is passing on information I've been given. 

    I know for a fact(you can review this at the end of January) that this talk of signing 6 or 7 players is just a tactic to minimise fans' expectations. Ray wants to bring in(and get rid of) at least 10 players but isn't sure whether he can get 10 guys with the quality required. 

    I'm hurting just as every other Falkirk fan is. But surely your anger should be directed at the people on this forum who abused and harangued fellow Falkirk fans who could see early on that Hartley's little experiment wasn't going to work, and now still think their opinions are credible whilst contributing absolutely no sensible opinions on football in their years on this forum. 

    I was one of the first posters on here to call Hartley's reign out for what it was and I know exactly what Ray's plans are now. I have been a Falkirk supporter all my life and none of my posts ate trolling or fishing in the slightest.

    People have asked for transfer rumours- Ryan Flynn, David Goodwillie, Lee Miller and Tom Taiwo are all being actively looked at by Ray and his staff right now. Whether any of them will be signed, I don't know but all are being evaluated. Craig Sibbald was a very strong possibility but Gary Holt now sees him as an important part of his squad.

    Flynn would be a great signing for Falkirk. Get him signed.

  4. 30 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

    Agree on Hodson. He's at least presentable as a footballer. 

    Edwards is an abberation though. The epitome of all effort and no ability. 

    His effort alone has merited his selection at times this season. He’s absolutely of “limited ability”, but has done us a job a number of times this season.

    I’d be happy for him to go in January but he’s not in the same bracket as the likes of King, Kpekawa & Heaton, who haven’t even bothered their arses.

  5. David Cornell (GK) - Joined on loan from Swansea as one of Tommy Craig's first signings. Useless. 
    Mo Camara (LB) - Signed after the Ian Harte fiasco, what a mess. 
    Cole Kpekawa (CB) - One of Stubbs' first signings. After a promising debut in the cup at Rugby Park, he followed it up with some woeful performances. 
    Massimo Donati (CB) - Maybe slightly harsh, as he only played a couple of games but a complete waste of money. 
    Nick Hegarty (winger) - Bizarre signing from Danny Lennon after an average career at Grimsby Town. Broke his ankle attempting to take a corner kick and was never seen again.
    Eric Djemba-Djemba (CM) - :(
    Stewart Carswell (CM) - Utterly woeful. Specialised in breaking up our attacks by giving an awkward pass back to our goalkeeper several times in every game. 
    Sander Puri (winger) - Looked like he might've been a good signing at the time. Plenty international caps and several years experience at decent levels in Europe, turned out shite.
    James Marwood (ST) - Another one of Tommy Craig's endless list of terrible footballers. 
    Stephane Bahoken (ST) - "the one we were waiting for" according to Danny Lennon. Joined on loan from Nice, in the hope that he could make the same kind of impact Isma Goncalves made. Nope. Has actually carved out a decent career since leaving us, scoring a winner against PSG last season, making his debut for Cameroon and playing every week in Ligue 1.

    Can't think of a particularly bad RB but plenty more other defenders that could join the list. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Stu said:

    Samson has been great for us. Played a key role in us winning the League Cup and then winning the Championship last season. Plenty of clean sheets last season and think he had a fair number in 2011/12. Wasn't convinced about him being our first choice this year and don't think he's been that good, although others say he's been one of our best players. Probably a sad indictment of how poor we've been more than anything else.

    The nature of his departure is a bit shit. For a club to take someone who has been playing regularly for another club to be a coach outwith the transfer window is crap - for it to be their first choice goalie is really crap. The fact it's Ross probably makes it even worse. Still, we get another friendly with Sunderland so that makes it all OK.

    Despite how poor he's apparently been when he's played so far, Rogers is meant to be highly rated so hopefully he's up to the job. Main concern is his lack of match fitness.

    And if we're looking for another goalie, Billy O'Brien was at Dens on Saturday...

    Billy has retired and is now in the army, I believe.

  7. 21 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    How did Cammy Smith do for you? Last three saves I've had, I've noticed him being a standout. Got 15 goals in the league in my Scotland save.

    I persevered with him until January in various roles, but couldn't get the best out of him. Punted him to Huddersfield for 500k midseason!

  8. 4 hours ago, CC52 FFC said:

    So after getting Falkirk promoted unexpectedly I’m now finding life in the Premiership very tough. Beat in every game so far. Any tips on what formation or tactics to use?

    I've just finished my first season with St Mirren, finishing 5th - played a spammy route one tactic with a big man(target man)/wee man partnership up front. Will be more attack minded in my second season, though. 

    Main bits of business during the summer were holding on to Adam Hammill and Kyle Magennis, both of whom were attracting a lot of attention. Added Matty Willock & Nicolai Brock-Madsen (:lol:) on permanent deals. 

  9. Started my first game of at St Mirren and coping fairly well. Sitting 5th in the table at the end of January. 

    Finding that shitfesting matches through route one is often the way to go. My big man-wee man partnership of Brock-Madsen and Danny Mullen is bulldozing most back lines. 

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