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  1. Correct decision to just go through with it going into the international break IMO. Questions have to be asked of the board, however, with the way this has been handled. 

    1) Three year contract? Surely one would've sufficed considering Stubbs' last job went so horribly wrong. Imagine showing that faith and then packing it in after 12 weeks.

    2) The Kenny Miller situation - why were the board providing funds for that but not for other areas? Granted, Stubbs would probably have opted for yet another central midfielder.

    Also concerning that the BoD have been sniffing around McIntyre long before today, with him knocking back the Falkirk job.

  2. 16 hours ago, cmontheloknow said:

    Just for any St Mirren stattos out there, the lad Jim Kellerman from Aldershot has a commonly given DOB of 10/11/97 online, I've seen that on the stmirren.info fansite too. However he was a 1st Year Pro (what they call down there a Scholar) at Wolves in 2011-12...


    He has to be about 3 years younger therefore, as a '97 birth would have been too young to sign pro (have to be 17 in England). The initial signing news gave him as being 23 and that would appear correct. Not seen the correct figure though for what it's worth, FM17 said 11/12/94! :lol:

    Big weight off all of our minds, thanks for that.

  3. So apparently its;

    Tomorrow: Neilson, Stubbs & McIntyre

    Wednesday: Guti, Caldwell & Kearney

    Realistically, my number one choice would be Neilson. McIntyre & Caldwell can GTF. 

    Can't really see us stump up compensation for Kearney unless he shows up incredibly well. Stubbs wouldn't be the most inspiring appointment but probably still a better option than McIntyre or Caldwell. Guti. 

    I'd fucking love us to take a punt on Guti with an experienced assistant. 

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