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  1. I think the lack of 'ha ha he's shite' comments about our main signings speaks volumns. In fact most I've seen from fans of other teams have actually been positive about the players. I doubt they're into reverse psychology so it augurs well. Just down to Tommy now to get the team working properly again.
  2. Can't see us releasing a young player with a great future especially with the rebuild that's going on. I never believe a word Tommy says in the media as he knows exactly what he's doing.
  3. I didn't think COG (?) was Comrie's dad as he said something about him playing against Saints next season, a dig at us being relegated. Thing is, he'd probably expect his beloved to get promoted so that would put Dunfermline above us but Raith or East Fife in the same division. I thought it might be younger player that ended up with one of them.
  4. A 'couldn't agree terms' or 'was keen to come but couldn't be completed before the deadline' would round the window off perfectly.
  5. The Sanchez/Mkhitaryan swap deal worked out well then.
  6. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9837836/man-utd-legend-gary-neville-wants-to-move-salford-city-into-man-citys-old-training-base-at-cost-of-80000-a-year/ WAW...our club is kicked out the league...WAW...nobody did anything...WAW...it's SO unfair...WAW...right, quick, let's get their training base as they won't be needing it any more.
  7. I'm surprised Arsenal didn't move for him earlier given his hair style.
  8. And Chris Kane of course. It was obviously all his fault. Grrrrrrrrrr...
  9. We obviously need to start going to the media about the damage the green bigots cause to McDiarmid if this what we get for hush money.
  10. 7-2

    Man Utd

    #mufc record since PSG away on March 5: played 16, won three, drawn four and lost nine. Add in Ole being appointed due to it and it's turned out to be one of their worst ever results.
  11. I have sailed close to the wind a couple of times, not an excuse, but down to my issues that I have been honest about. It is his constant drip feed of shite & complete inability to acknowledge that the matching green jacket brigade are wrong to do what they do that gets my back up. I will no doubt be a snowflake now. You're nowhere near a troll/spammer. Just a regular posted I'd say. Trolls will never give you what you want and will always say the opposite simply because it's what they do. Nail. Head.
  12. There was a video on a Saints historical twitter account a couple of days ago that showed a Saints v Celtic game at Muirton from the 70s. The crowd were just a crowd watching a game with little sign of anything other than some scarves being worn. It was obviously in the days before the bigot brothers discovered selling sectarianism was a money spinner.
  13. I expect you don't need the future tense for that one! The mods always seem to have a couple of favourite trolls/spammers that they allow to get away with everything, to the detriment of the site.
  14. Full house...ageist and sexist as well as racist.
  15. Thus proving beyond doubt sectarianism is indeed a Scottish problem, not an Old Firm one, while blatantly ignoring the common denominator causing it.
  16. Because your game was absolute dross and I switched over. Because it wasn't 5-0 when it was 0-zzzzzzzzzzzz Because the game had been mentioned a few times in this thread as you will have read. Off you pop to bed now. You'll need to be up early for your coal round in the morning.
  17. A record breaking game...87 minutes before an Old Firm mention.
  18. 5-0 ICT. How on earth did that happen. The first 25 minutes were brutal. The only good thing was seeing an advert for a coal merchant. I didn't realise such things existed these days, even in the Highlands.
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