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  1. Former PM of the Netherlands Dries Van Agt takes the big jag along with his wife. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/feb/10/duo-euthanasia-former-dutch-prime-minister-dies-wife-dries-eugenie-van-agt?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  2. Fantastic performance from Morton. Thrilled for Imrie. This result only adds to my morbid fear for our game tomorrow.
  3. When the Club Deck was built in 1990-91, the seats were sold as a debenture in a scheme called the Rangers Bond. The cost of the debenture was approximately £1600 (the guts of 4k in todays money), and for that you got a wee silver plaque on your seat and first dibs at a season ticket for said seat. It was quite an engineering feat, what with it being plonked on top of the listed main stand, but it was wrongly lauded as being a stand in the sky - the stand is only a smidgeon higher (if at all) than the Govan stand opposite. As a footnote, I think all debenture holders lost the rights to their seats when the club was liquidated in 2012.
  4. I’m finding it all rather disconcerting. Mid table mediocrity is the norm for me.
  5. I’ve no doubt Celtic will win this due to them playing, well, Hibs - but what a fucking gang they are compared to the last couple of seasons.
  6. I, @Melanius Mullarkant and @sparky88 would beg to differ. Points please!
  7. After the season we’ve had, I’ll take this with a whisky chaser.
  8. Oh yes. Not enough greenies for this.
  9. This result will hopefully puncture the whole Liverpool quadruple nonsense. It will also lead to some awkward questions for Klopp. They have been absolutely horrendous today. Arsenal have bodied them all over the pitch.
  10. I know that they have been solid as f**k defensively in recent months etc, but there is still something very “Arsenal” about that goal.
  11. Good points - thrilled to be in the lead, already with a score I’ve never been close to in all the years I’ve been doing this. Bad Points - my captain is away and one of my two solo shots, and I have a lead of 48. That’s nothing in Dead Pool terms. Long year ahead.
  12. President of Namibia Hage Geingob cashes in his chips at 82. Hage Geingob: Namibia's president dies aged 82 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-68196412
  13. Yep, looks like all the major outlets are now running with it. Sweet, sweet captains points please. RIP, condolences to the family etc etc.
  14. Danny Wilson, maybe? He’s off to Queens Park. Re your second point, couldn’t agree more.
  15. Whits the goalie daein, Bryn?
  16. He’s absolutely rank rotten. I’ll be honest, I’m blinded by his alleged off field activities as well; as a player though he is just the latest in a long line of sand dancers who contribute f**k all to the club. The aforementioned Dan James and going back further than him, Adnan Januzaj and Jesper Blomqvist, have also flattered to deceive.
  17. Ex Livi centre half Graham Coughlan in charge at Newport, who are wearing sexy as f**k proper Livi colours. Any Manchester United side with Antony and Fernandes in it can get launched by trebuchet into the furthest seas possible. Fucking detestable c***s.
  18. Rock and a hard case for the authorities here. Abandon the game now, the polis etc may not be ready for the ground to empty en masse. What they can’t do is let this situation just carry on where no one knows what’s happening.
  19. Chick Young today stating that Calum Davidson and Scott Brown are both very activated on their respective benches. I know plenty old guys who sound half daft and cannae use their words, but none of them have positions on national radio. Absolute nonsense that he still pollutes the airwaves.
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