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  1. Seen this movie before, haven’t we? Seen it this season in fact. Idah to come on and score a couple. Celtic are so thoroughly bad though. This is shitting the bed on an industrial scale.
  2. Nail on head for me. In order to have the slimmest of chances of staying up, we need to win three more games than Ross County. Not just 3 games out of 11 remaining - but 3 games MORE than Ross County. Unless of course weren’t expecting Ross County to pick up no more points between now and the end of the season. What that essentially piece boils down to is the SFA wanting to know who categorically owns the club before they can then assess whether they are fit and proper.
  3. Plenty reasons there for keeping County up, and I agree wholeheartedly with the Wimpy shout; but you don't have to drink in the shopping centre at all. Indeed, if you choose to drink in the shopping centre then you're doing it wrong. And by "it", I mean everything. You've failed at life without even having an attempt on target.
  4. I had hoped that Ratcliffe was going to be successful in getting his shoes under the table. I always liked the cut of his jib. He can f**k right off though with any talk of state funding for a New Trafford. He can also f**k right off with any talk of Greenwood wearing the shirt again. And his three year aim is a nonsense as well. I think I’d rather have the Glazers being mute than Ratcliffe’s first official ramblings.
  5. Is this the expenses hearing I’ve been asking you about? Following on from Braid’s judgement in October?
  6. Shite situation, and I really feel for you. All of you in fact. I see your situation daily and I dare say it’s no comfort at all, but the amount of relationships that break down is staggering. You’re not on your own. In relation to your last paragraph - it absolutely can work out. That absolutely depends on the individuals involved though. Lots of give and take will be needed. Be open minded - too many people go into these situations completely closed to any sort of compromise, be it around the kids, or the finances, or the house, or whatever. All the very best. PM me anytime.
  7. I think I can trump that. My daughter is dancing at a Ukrainian Benefit concert thing at a cathedral in Edinburgh. I’m destined to yell in affirmation as Tete Yengii bangs one in just as someone on stage mentions Putin.
  8. You've no idea how much this kind of stuff enrages me. In relation to complaints etc., the firm that your mum are using should have an internal complaints procedure. Details of it should be in your mum's Terms of Business letter, which she should have got at the start of the process. That would need to be followed first I would imagine before the SLCC would get involved. I wouldn't worry too much about seeking another solicitors view on things - there will be solicitors around (we certainly do) where the first appointment is always free. You would find that the original solicitor would probably withdraw from acting if you sought advice elsewhere but it sounds like, in this case, that may be no bad thing. As an aside, from a personal point of view, that kind of wait for your mum and the inaction of the solicitor is woefully bad.
  9. £4m per year for the new gaffer at Palace apparently. Not bad coin for keeping a team in the league when two of the three relegation spots are already nailed on. I’m incredibly risk averse (and probably shite as a football manager) but even I would back myself to keep that gang up.
  10. Raheem Sterling was going to do nothing else there but try and get onto his right foot.
  11. Yes, I'd be interested to know that as well. It was good to get the email from them last night - at the very least it gave quite a detailed breakdown of the positions needing filled and the skillset needed by individuals to do so. Food for thought for me anyway, and hopefully a few other people as well. A fully functioning, independent Trust should only be good for the Club.
  12. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just like the Inter defenders on that summers day in 1967, you weren’t aware that Chalmers was in the box.
  13. @Miguel Sanchez it looks like The Hologram has Stevie Chalmers in his squad, despite the fact that he passed away in 2019.
  14. Jamie Carragher - “all the best coaches do something special at a lower level first. I’m thinking of Jose at Porto, and Jurgen at Borussia Dortmund”. Peak #barclays from an utter gobshite.
  15. Long distance runner and men’s marathon world record holder Kelvin Kiptum killed in a road accident along with his coach apparently.
  16. I’m asking you. Given you seemed so clear on it earlier on, I’m surprised at such a snidey reply. You either know or you don’t.
  17. Normally, yes - if the entire court process has concluded. In this case though, an agreement was reached pre hearing. When that happens, an agreement on expenses has to be reached. If parties can’t agree, then an expenses hearing is fixed for a later date. Did we agree to pay Rankines expenses?
  18. Former PM of the Netherlands Dries Van Agt takes the big jag along with his wife. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/feb/10/duo-euthanasia-former-dutch-prime-minister-dies-wife-dries-eugenie-van-agt?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  19. Fantastic performance from Morton. Thrilled for Imrie. This result only adds to my morbid fear for our game tomorrow.
  20. When the Club Deck was built in 1990-91, the seats were sold as a debenture in a scheme called the Rangers Bond. The cost of the debenture was approximately £1600 (the guts of 4k in todays money), and for that you got a wee silver plaque on your seat and first dibs at a season ticket for said seat. It was quite an engineering feat, what with it being plonked on top of the listed main stand, but it was wrongly lauded as being a stand in the sky - the stand is only a smidgeon higher (if at all) than the Govan stand opposite. As a footnote, I think all debenture holders lost the rights to their seats when the club was liquidated in 2012.
  21. I’m finding it all rather disconcerting. Mid table mediocrity is the norm for me.
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