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  1. A picturesque walk this morning, or at least as picturesque as Paisley gets.
  2. I might have seen the same thing, thought it was a fire work but it was silent. I was looking north from Paisley at around half 5.
  3. Was just coming on to post this picture. Wee guy has a bright future in the game.
  4. The rules are simple with the League Cup, it's worthwhile when you're in it but immediately tinpot when you're put out.
  5. Another trip to the free run for Cooper today. Had a great time digging in the sand and climbing on the obstacles, also showed he has no recall whatsoever if there's something more interesting.
  6. Luckily my wife is happy for the Christmas tat to go away at any point after boxing day, unfortunately she is itching to get them up from the 1st and usually settling on the first Sunday in December.
  7. The distractions are working so far. I think it helps the local display a few streets away isn't on this year, it usually attracts arseholes to let their fireworks off nearby.
  8. Prep done to try and get Cooper through bonfire night. Unfortunately he never got to the run free this morning as my wife somehow mixed up the dates and had it booked for yesterday morning.
  9. I assumed this to be a total of where they were away from each individual cutout, like you a bit confused by it though.
  10. Cooper had a visit to the new free run that's opened nearby, seemed to enjoy it so have him booked in for the morning on the 5th to try and tire him out a bit for the night.
  11. New jumper for Cooper, seems to have turned him into an arsehole that trys to steal every bit of food.
  12. We've scored from the only actual football to be played so far. An absolute dross 45 minutes hopefully the second half is better.
  13. I'm in a canteen where there's a boy talking to his girlfriend on loudspeaker, except he isn't talking to her he's talking to someone else in the canteen while she talks to her mum. Judge would let me off with murder in the circumstances surely?
  14. In a pub in Paisley and it's full of Gaelic choirs, it has to be one of the best atmospheres I've ever witnessed in a pub.
  15. I don't mind that nobody left but wouldn't have minded if they'd sent someone home either. They shouldn't automatically make it two going next week they should save that for if there is a week with two bakers having a nightmare.
  16. Yes Still no signs of a hangover. No plans to do any driving, couch and duvet for me today.
  17. Thought I'd be waking up with a ridiculous hangover but seem to have escaped it, even downed a very good fryup the wife made.
  18. Started on white wine went via Brady now at rum had a good night probably not going to have a good Sunday
  19. Youtube adverts, especially the ones in the middle of songs. If I win the lottery I'm starting younoadvertstube.
  20. I'd say I'm the same as you(especially the regretting postings I've typed and to add deleting more posts that i've put on here, alonst this one), absolutely don't want kids though,. The career thing, I work I earn wages but ultimately just to pay bills I certainly didn't envisage this would be my " career". I'm openly envious of people who go to work in something they enjoy( wife included to a point it's annoying) I wonder why I still do what I do and get payed, ultimately I like a roof and the opportunity to enjoy my weekends that's why I work if could stop I would. I see jobs advertised for roles I know I could do but like you I don't have the qualifications. I've got to a point where I see people about me blagging it and succeeding which really annoys me, biggest problem for me is I can't blag interviews the same way I know others have. I guess I'm fortunate, I have a house, a fairly dynamite backdoor but not a "career" just a job that I've learned fully but know it could easily be ripped from beneath me. If this is rambling shite I get it I had to keep going back to your post to try and keep it relevant. If anything at least you got me to put my thoughts up. I don't know if this is what you want to hear but you are not a failure, you seem to be like many of us other folk who have just made choices that put us where we are.
  21. Realistically got to hope Baccus and Strain tell folk got St Mirren do well and it's a stepping stone to a move up the ladder as such.
  22. Putting it out there I like Susan Wokoma and not just for her performance on the tasks. In all honesty I get the chat about the tasks, I think the line up is quite varied and could be good but the tasks haven't been the best. The secret task thing must be leading to something.
  23. Wife is sleeping on the couch while I watch the boxing/wrestling/soap opera that is youtubers against the love island contestants and listen to some music. I am absolutely making sure Cooper gets his fair share of the fleece blanket and the wife doesn't hog it.
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