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  1. Apart from Dundee United, we're the only other club in the league that anyone cares about, outwith the other clubs in the leagues own fans.
  2. When offending/taking the piss out of someone I always try to focus on something they can help as opposed to something they can't. Fox is an exception. He's a fucking ugly, junkie looking, weird cunt. I think he's offered people out on Twitter before and looking at their profile you can tell every single one of them would throw him about like an empty tent.
  3. Why? They'll be in the same boat as the Russian and Belorussian tennis players. Allowed to enter but as neutral competitors.
  4. I can feel my legs, I just can't walk.
  5. Don't go down the warehouse then?
  6. I think promotion is generally considered good news.
  7. Neilson only takes jobs where he'll have the biggest budget in the league. Hearts, United.
  8. But with excellent facilities........as had the Nazis.
  9. It would be if it weren't for the fact that other clubs are still dogshit. Fucking have at it, I'm still pishing at the appointment myself.
  10. Pishing at Raith fans giving it the big un as if until about 2 months ago they haven't been absolute dogshit for 25 year.
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