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  1. The above and add Davidson to the GTF list. So we need two strikers and a right back.
  2. That’s why the penalty rule should change to only be awarded only for denying a goal scoring opportunity. If there’s an ‘off the ball’ foul in the box, it should be a direct free kick.
  3. He made a cunt of it last week against Raith by bringing our League Two/Highland League quality players on too early but apart from that he’s impressed me.
  4. It’s amazing what happens when we don’t sub our jobbers on when we’re drawing isn’t it?
  5. For those of you who care or liked her, Dawn Tinsley will be coming in this afternoon. If you’ve never heard of her, she was just the receptionist who worked here for some years. Her and her fiancé Lee went to Florida. And yes Tim, that’s fiancé, if you know what that word means. Maybe need your thoughts to yourself this time?
  6. If Raith survive the January transfer window, they’re 4000% winning the league.
  7. It's not an achievement to win any domestic competition as Rangers or Celtic manager. The only people lauding him on here were Celtic fans.
  8. Something like that. A great year for Scoddish football in particular.
  9. Some fall from grace that. I mind when they had Ganso and Neymar pulling the strings about a decade ago. Think they got to the World Club Cup final around 2012.
  10. It always happens. Walter Smith wasn't great at Everton because he didn't have a massive monetary advantage over everyone else. Gerrard was average at Villa too. I think they were both low 30s for winning percentages in England. Winning the league as Rangers or Celtic manager is actually bad for your CV, weirdly.
  11. Did he sign Dan MacKay from Hibs too or was that Wright? Most of his signings are directly from The Caley but sometimes they sign for someone else then he takes them on loan. Basically you either sign for him straight from us or you sign for him within a year of leaving us.
  12. Indeed, I'm not sure his policy of 'Ach just sign the best The Caley player every summer' will wash these days. We aren't very good. Plus, that's Roy MacGregor's gimmick now.
  13. There was a Celtic fan in the The Caley end and he got fucking leathered off a The Caley fan for celebrating a Celtic goal. Was a superb punch.
  14. Paul Scholes and Brent 'Mark Goldbridge' Di Cesare. A real meeting of the minds.
  15. I think McGinn, McTominay, Gilmour and Christie will make the squad.
  16. Wasn’t that fairly right at Butland there?
  17. I haven’t seen much of Kelly but Laidlaw is miles better than Clark.
  18. Zander Clark needs to retire. I’m serious.
  19. Aye she was good crack on the bus and at games.
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