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  1. It certainly makes more sense than your post. Did you headbutt your keyboard and hope for the best?
  2. Bullying?!? Don't make me laugh. I asked a simple question. You've called me a "keyboard warrior", for which I asked you privately would you say that to my face...and now a bully cause I sent you a message. I tried to keep this private as I didn't want any kind of argument going public so it seems like you're the bully here. ^^^ absolutely shat it.
  3. Oh shut the f**k up, Throbber. You're not the first person to suffer from a fucking hangover.
  4. Mad that we have a poster celebrating the fact Falkirk only lost 3-1 to the Pars. Whats more mad about it is Falkirk actually failed to beat a 9 man Dunfermline side.
  5. Sounds great, and yes it is lovely. I have just been to Tesco and got provisions for a barbecue which I am very excited about. Will have to return to the shop later for beers though bevause my basket was too full LOL whitmalike! Hope you both have a tremendous day. Remember to apply sun cream. Especially you G_Man. Charming.
  6. It's been fine so far. Heading to the beach with the kids later and more importantly some beers in a cool box. Thanks for asking.
  7. This is utter bullshit, yes? If Raith are paying anyone £50k a year in this league they have completely fucked it.
  8. While Rodger is a pretty poor troll he has 90% of the Dundee support utterly obsessed with him.
  9. Utterly, utterly staggering. Without a hint of exaggeration Clyde fans, players and hierarchy, almost to a man, are fucking vermin. What a truly despicable football club, rotten to the core.
  10. That's probably the most pathetic, bitter and tragic post I've ever read on this forum. Congratulations.
  11. What a state to get yourself in over little dots on a Internet forum. Have some self respect ffs.
  12. Of all the clobber the Manics have rocked over the years that is probably the least offensive in fairness.
  13. Oh do f**k off you gibbering buffoon. If anything it's taking the piss out the knickerwetting Rovers support. Good humour. Might even earn a RT.
  14. Mate, you're a fucking psychopath. You genuinely require sectioned.
  15. Yet the homophobic comment still remains from hours ago. I think you should quit sooner rather than later if that's your priority tbh.
  16. How much is the fee for Sibbald? Hopefully Hartley can put it to good use Jeepers. Have some self respect, man.
  17. Unfortunately this is spot on. Rather annoyingly the Raith fans seem to have handled this all very graciously which means even if they do blow it from here I'll enjoy it about 10% less. The Ayr fans have been utterly tremendous viewing. For fans of a club who constantly find new ways of bottling it they don't half give it attitude when they get a sniff of glory. It's like they literally never learn.
  18. If the Ayr fans are desperate to apportion blame to someone it should be Shankland. He has potentially cost Ayr the title.
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