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  1. The automated system we had to use this season put things out of order, but its only been in use a few games. Its now not in use, as it doesnt support twitter as of today! A new one had to be setup as the game was going on, which seems to get the order right No, you're both right, one errant old tweet being posted by an automated system is exactly the same as our social media being "really quite rubbish" and "way behind what others do" If you want to slag off the social media coverage, then fine, go for it. It could be a lot better, we all know that. But using one automated tweet to do so is an odd take.
  2. Thats an odd take on whats pretty obviously an old tweet posted by an automated system
  3. I thought it was only the £100 version on Game Pass thst gave you early access ETA - I checked and you're right. I guess I must have missed that when I looked last night
  4. I really, really want this to be good. Still dithering between ordering the special edition with early access or waiting until it appears on Game Pass next week
  5. Which makes Megginson a horrible little cheat.
  6. Absolutely there is! They look nicer, have a proper clock and update automatically. The link is in the top menu, if you scroll it to the right
  7. http://qosfc.com/live Updates will be there until midnight, then they can be read on the match report page.
  8. Yes, as it usually does. The live updates are still on the live updates page though.
  9. The live updates are still there! Why? We've had live updates at pretty much every game since the issues at the start of the season. Theres a pretty comprehensive gallery of photos posted not long after the game. I believe we've been trying some other match day content which should start going out shortly
  10. I'm not sure its much of a mystery. It says on the sign whos it is
  11. I'd like to believe you, I really would. I guess we'll just never know who the phantom sign updater is
  12. Enjoy that feeling while it lasts! I might go back and watch through again. Some of the early stuff was fantastic
  13. I would say the first pen probably was a goal scoring opportunity but it was yellow because the double jeopardy rule applies to everyone.
  14. I dont know, but Im going to guess his motivation is Mrs Monkey Tennis. More importantly, was Greenacres consulted on the grass cutting? With a name like that maybe MT can get him in to cut the grass next time? Now all we need is a poster called Signwriter
  15. Yeah, I watched the last episodes at the weekend. The last few episodes are good but I wasn't keen on the ending (no pun intended)
  16. Both very good points. I hadnt checked the fixture before I posted, just assumed it was a Falkirk home game
  17. Yeah, Ive been watching the final series on and off. Its finished airing in the states but I've got like 6 or 7 episodes to watch. Its been ok, but nothing more. Im hoping they'll tie things up in a decent way at the end
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