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  1. It’s Gretna, then Cove then Brechin tbf cannot believe the vote for Gretna, is so small
  2. If we bring a wide man in, but I suspect he’s going to go with Dow and Stewart, Jacobs, Turan and Stowe, on loan
  3. the fact you felt the need to post this, says a great deal about you
  4. We are not down yet, but think you are correct we are running out of games, so me thinks the fat lady is probably warming up the manukau honey
  5. scout told the manager, to leave the player out, went against the loan agreement, which stipulated the player must start, the team made a substitution after about 5 minutes and on trotted the loanee
  6. Heard a story years ago, that a premier league club forced a club to burn a subby, to get a loan player into the starting line up, after their player was named on the bench
  7. Draws are fine if you’re ticking along, but absolutely no use, if you’re where we are
  8. As someone who has been spat on, it’s a disgusting, cowardly assault, and it’s an assault, the sheriff at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, said so, when he gave the perpetrator 30days, so if this happened it’s time to name and shame
  9. Enough of this nonsense, we have had enormous injuries, often nearly half our squad injured, so please take your uninformed nonsense elsewhere
  10. No time for players to play themselves back in, need to be firing from the off
  11. Thought Dundee had a terrific win yesterday, in fact having a fine season, Tony Doc, appears to have been an inspired appointment, seems to be a lot of positives around Dens Park just now, they are sleeping giants, maybe possibly a slight awakening happening, after many false dawns, so with all this, why the f**k, are you still obsessing about McIntyre
  12. They went to Buffalo, won, went to Baltimore, won, love them or loathe them, they know how to win big games, no matter who wins later, it won’t daunt them
  13. No sure the club is broke oddly enough we changed our YouTube channel after the Airdrie game at home, the change can only be down to the of manager, surely we have gone from being a club, who was open to supporters, to everything, to now everything being shrouded in mystery
  14. Nah, no more signings, go with what we have, no more chucking money at this, play it out, if it’s relegation, its relegation, rebuild in league1, and come again
  15. To get a second yellow, is bad enough, to get a second yellow’, when we are so stretched is unforgivable
  16. Absolutely this, a wide player is a must
  17. Heard he did the same thing at Forfar, but apparently he never had a contract at Forfar, and only had a contract with us, for the past couple of years
  18. to survive, we need to win at least 7 of our remaining games, a tough ask agree with this, I know the club has money, but that’s for the long term stability of the club, maybe we just have to go with what we have, if we go down, no disaster, we rebuild and go again
  19. Think the large lady may well be beginning to warm up
  20. Couldn’t do much considering how much of his shirt the No5 had a hold of, refs are letting centre half’s away with everything, if the refs need stamp this out early in the game
  21. Looked a better player than Robinson he will go to whoever pays him the most
  22. When are clubs going to say enough is enough with some of these refs, stonewall penalty, denied, also, how much shirt is enough to merit a foul, am in absolutely no doubt, defenders get away with loads and get the advantage
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