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  1. As always a fine measured, thoughtful post, unfortunately it will have no place in the slavering shitfest, this thread will ultimately become
  2. Since yer here, thanks for last season, we, were by a mile the worst team in the league, kinda felt sorry for Hamilton and Cove, just canna believe they were more atrocious than us
  3. No sure the BBC have be there anyway, could do most of it from a studio, only commentator and his mate required to be at Gayfield
  4. Might be us, might no be us, but we’re pretty much the only club, if relegated, it’s no a financial catastrophe
  5. If this is true, we definitely need a LB in for Friday
  6. So Jacobs out, couple of defenders in, sorted
  7. Would be surprised if Jacobs and Allan are not both gone by the end of the loan window, might have to eat a bit of cash to get them away, just cannot see them getting meaningful playing time
  8. Tbf, the thought of a central midfield of Slater and Allan, fears me greatly
  9. We canna be as bad, that we drop two divisions, surely
  10. I wonder if we might have to “eat”a bit of Jacobs wages and try and punt him out on loan, for the season
  11. As usual and annoyingly Simon is bang on with this calm and considered analysis of our current predicament
  12. Not picking on him for 15 minutes today, after being absolutely dreadful last season, did nothing to earn a contract for this season,
  13. More issue with the new contract given to Jacobs, absolute waste of a wage
  14. Balde and Slater, McKenna back into No10, behind Bird
  15. Absolutely right about a left back, and Allan and McKenna doesn’t work as a central pairing
  16. Since your here, thanks for the eight points last season, definitely helped our survival, without Morton, we were much worse than both Hamilton and Cove, ta
  17. I disagree, no reason not to, we should have enough to beat Cowdenbeath, anyway they’ll probably play one up top
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