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  1. Agree about centre midfield area, worry we’re a bit soft in there, Jacobs isn’t the answer, or McKenna, would prefer him further forward and the same with Allan, would prefer an actual left sided defender until Hammy returns
  2. No more warm up games, so probably not
  3. Results today, Group H, there for the winning
  4. Would assume Dick will dip into the loan market, as well
  5. They are no daft, they knew they couldn’t have a window like the abomination we had last year, now a defensive left side player and we’re almost done ps, get shot of Jacobs, plenty cover in centre mid
  6. Appears to be a very small return for the investment
  7. Last season’s window, knocked me a bit for 6, so going into this season, am definitely a glass half empty kind of a guy but I do agree this appears to be a better window
  8. United to win it, us to finish 7th, the rest, who knows
  9. Have we not just signed a young English kid, who has decided to move here? and let’s be fair to Hancock, he is mostly being judged on a few games out of position and a game at Cove, where the whole team performed appallingly
  10. This I think is a very fair assessment, of Hancock
  11. That’s it, confirm now, once he sobers up, obviously
  12. Even if we get someone to play in Jacobs position, we don’t need him as a backup, Goldie can do that and be better
  13. They’re piping up because it’s the close season and they are bored
  14. Still think centre mid looks weak, no sure Allan can play there, Jacobs is done
  15. Was a big pitch, but now a collection of wee pitches, I think fine in the badge, but not on the actual shirt, as for that being voted our best ever shirt, never got it’s appeal to be honest
  16. Absolutely not to sky blue on the kit Don’t think they’re is a full size pitch at seaton ok, why no play at Gayfield
  17. Was better on show and probably worth a second look Tremendous commitment, absolute rock and am quite sure he knows how we feel about him The issue isn’t, it’s a stronger squad than last season, it probably is, the question is whether it’s good enough
  18. At Brechin he looked the worst of them
  19. Jacobs, last season, looked absolutely done a complete waste of a wage, everyone, including him was surprised he got a new contract, warming the bench for him all season He deserved a good turnout
  20. Wasn’t at the game, but reports not good on the trialists, how possibly can we have had about 15 of them and not a player among them,, obviously learned nothing from last season
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