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  1. We don't do winter, tropical all year round
  2. No its not, just the same garbage over and over again, time for this thread to close
  3. A lot of this s**t has nothing to do with football! Message to P&B, time this thread was shut down
  4. Only 1070 pages on Scottish Independence thread, which is quite important, 4962 on this garbage, which is only about a team who play a sport, f**k sake!
  5. You have to admit Rangers supporters having a go at the behaviour, of the supporters of any other club, is a bit of a hard neck
  6. Like seeing James Spader doing his best John Lithgow impression
  7. think now its funny that it was always put forward in the main by Rangers fans that it was Celtic and their fans were paranoid about everything, but it would appear that when it comes to paranoia Rangers and their fans have taken it to new highs
  8. If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and sounds like a duck, its a good bet it's a duck So oldco/newco it appears to make no difference, it appears still to be Rangers FC
  9. Think 250 will be more than enough, if Shane Watson cant bat, but 300 would be better
  10. ecto


    I hope that the boy who was up singing with Bruce on Tuesday night is aware, that no matter what he does the rest of his life, he is unlikely to do anything as cool as that
  11. Not been to the cinema in a couple of months, Olympus has fallen with Gerard Butler, made little sense but a good watch, more headshots than you can shake a stick at
  12. ecto


    Been nearly two days since the end of the gig, my heart is still racing, it was superb
  13. The Rangers should take the lead and say they are going apply to enter the SFL at 3rd Div level
  14. A march of 8000 on Hampden,thats well over 50% or Rangers fans who turned up for the cup game against Dundee United,but of course was before "we dont do walking away" I watched that STV programme last night and where do they find these people to represent Rangers,i would think that in there world it may be always sunny,fed up with the whole thing just want it to go away
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