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  1. He was asked by a wee boy who was standing next to me at the CSS game the other night if he’s staying and he would just say ‘I’m here the now’. Obviously means extremely little but can only hope that the non committal nature of his comments could mean he’s been told if he can find a club he can go.
  2. The absolute state of that team btw .
  3. Aye that was the reason. I understand that the management team/kit man or whoever issues the numbers wouldn’t have known the significance around it but just feel it’s a little disrespectful from the club as a whole. Potentially Scott Arfield apart that number should never be used. Not meaning to come across too negative here and understand it’s probably nobody’s fault just a bit disappointed.
  4. Wasn’t at the game yesterday but looks like one of the young boys McGinley was number 37. Does anyone know why?
  5. Nah he missed the penalty in that game was saved by Mutch. Pretty sure it was 2019/20 our first season down we had him on trial? Might be misremembering but for some reason I can picture him at the Aberdeen game in Arbroath.
  6. I’m sure it was talked about after the game on Saturday, I’ve not checked tbf, and I’m not saying he’s the answer but I thought Gary Oliver played Sean Dillon better than any other of our strikers he’s come up against since we came down. Dillon usually has the cigars out against us but that was the first time I can remember being ratted and struggling. We absolutely do need another striker in, I’d have been looking for one even if Alegria had stayed, but I feel in the odd game that Oliver might have a part to play and role to fill as a striker. Big issue is of course that he just doesn’t score goals.
  7. It’s a blow for sure to lose him but I’m not as fussed or see it as a big loss as some others. There is a player in there definitely he just doesn’t always show it of course. From him and Burrell I felt we always looked better with Burrell as the main striker but just my opinion. Wish him all the best but I’m confident that McGlynn will be able to find an adequate replacement.
  8. Cameron Blues started 2 league games for us when he was a teenager, one of which he spent the vast majority playing out of position at right-back (despite us having a right back on the bench). Where aye he was completely torn to shreds by Billy King but until the Queens Park game last season it was probably the worst Falkirk performance I’d ever seen. No young boy was ever going to succeed in that Falkirk team. He’s now turned into a seemingly very component championship midfielder and we’ve certainly been signing a lot worse than him since we got relegated. You’re not going to get a star player every year from the academy but if you can get players like him, Kevin O’Hara even likes of Reis Peggie who’s doing alright at Kelty now in between your Sibbald, Kingsley, McGrandles etc.. that’s by no means a failure.
  9. Something else tonight that I’ve never really noticed before was when playing our from the back McCann would go into the middle of the park a lot with Oliver/Nesbitt moving into his space at left back. He got on the ball a few times but never really led to anything. Just a wee tactical change that I don’t think we’ve done before.
  10. I think ok is about as good as it really gets for Yeats at right back. Defensively he got caught out a few times particularly second half getting dragged towards the ball and leaving space in behind and he never really offers much going forward. Feel a bit for him having to constantly play out of position and whilst he was by no means the worst of the back 4 tonight he still looks pretty uncomfortable there imo.
  11. Second half was a lot better and whilst we were helped by Queens being garbage we were still clinical enough to take our chances. The only time they looked threatening in that second half was when PJ was doing his best Leo Fasan impressions. He inspires absolutely no confidence whatsoever. Fair play to McGlynn with the double sub obviously I along with pretty much everyone else thought it was mental at the one but both really seemed to work out. Burrell had the legs and tormented their rancid defence as much as Alegria did and Henderson was great in the middle of the park. A real physical presence with a bit of dig that really helped us get on the ball higher up the park. Very impressed with him in there. All 3 goals were taken very well. The deft touch finish from Burrell was absolutely class. Aye we were helped by Queens not marking Henderson but was a peach of a cross from Kennedy and the last was the pick of the bunch for us. Good play from Burrell to get Morrison through on goal but the quality was all from Morrison rinsed whatever jobber defender tried to track back and put Currie on his arse. The MoM tonight could easily have went to either Morrison or Kennedy both having really good games and hopefully gives us a lot of confidence going into the Dunfermline game next week.
  12. What a fucking weird first half. We were completely on top for the first 20 minutes and deserved the goal when it came. But after that f**k me. Terrible decision from Morrison ran right into 2 players to give the ball away which led to the free kick for the goal. 2nd was a collection of utter shite. Wild pass from McKay to Nesbitt then he tries to control a ball he’s not got a chance in hell of doing and loses it then PJ gets nowhere near a shot he should be saving. Good play from Alegria to get Morrison in to get the equaliser right before half time but it’s nowhere near good enough. QoS are absolutely shite and for 20 minutes we could barely string 2 passes together. When we play with some tempo and get players in around Alegria/Burrell we’re very dangerous but we spend far too much of our time leaving our striker isolated and playing nothing balls around the middle of the park going nowhere.
  13. But assists are a massive part of the game of course, he’s the best in our team at creating chances so that why he is a key player for us and why he’s started all bar 2 games for us this season. Can we get better than him? Probably yes. But he’s nowhere near as bad as some make him out to be. His short passing can be wayward and his goal return is terrible but for me in general his positives outweigh his negatives. He’s a good presser, very forward thinking with the ball, has got good close control, good engine on him (I’m sure he covers the most distance per game within the team) and when he’s played wide he’s good at getting back and helping out the full back. McGlynn may or may not get rid at the end of the season but it’s certain that he’ll be here until then. I’m not too sure what you’re looking for from last season comment. He was nowhere near good enough last season. Nobody was. For me that doesn’t change the fact that, imo, he is a key player for us this season and we’re a better team with him than without.
  14. Also must be in the minority that quite likes Gary Oliver. He shouldn’t be starting every game but there’s definitely a place for him in our midfield. Progresses the ball very well and very good at keeping hold of the ball. If we can get a better option in then sound but if not I think rotating him, Hetherington and Yeats depending on who we’re playing and what kind of player we need in there is absolutely fine.
  15. Not been on here for a few weeks but good to see that a few still think the player with the most assists in the league, and the 2nd most in the country, is shite and should be punted. If you can’t see that we would be a far, far poorer team without Nesbitt in it, despite his flaws and lack of goals himself, then genuinely don’t think football is for you.
  16. The stick and the groans he gets when he comes off the bench is ridiculous tbh. He’s got a very specific job to do in our midfield now and that’s to break up play and make sure we get a hold of the midfield. A couple of recent games (Montrose away and Alloa home) where him coming in helped us get back control of the midfield that we were losing. He’s not someone who’s going to play every week but for certain games he’s definitely got his part to play.
  17. In total? 1. In the league? 0. What’s your point here? Coll Donaldson also hasn’t scored this season does that mean he’s not contributing enough either?
  18. There’s only 1 player in the whole country with more league assists than Aidan Nesbitt yet still people think he brings nothing. Mind boggling.
  19. Really good win and performance which in truth really could and should've been a lot more. Queens are obviously very bad but we approached the game well and aside from a 10/15 period in the second half we were in total control. Thought the changes all worked really well. Kennedy whilst he was poor when he came on last week he's been pushing for and deserving of a start in a while and he really took his chance today. Finn Yeats getting a game in his preferred role in midfield and same as last week his energy in there was huge for us and something we have been missing in there. Whilst Alegria could find himself hard done by to be dropped I felt that Burrells performance off the bench last week was deserving of a start today and he produced his best performance since East End Park. They just couldn't handle his pace and power and first half in particular everything was coming off for him and he had the beating of the defence both in the air and on the ground time and again. On that kind of form he is absolutely levels above. Obviously he needs to be more consistent but when he does find his consistency he's really got the potential to carve out a very decent career for himself. With how much we were on top and in control it was disappointing to concede a goal, especially a goal so easily avoidable. Coll Donaldson was covering out wide on the right and Brad McKay was tracking back and instead of filling the hole in the middle where Donaldson should be he inexplicably went wide as well and left such a massive space for Murray to drive into and score. Something I want to mention is Stephen McGinns pass to Kai Kennedy for the 3rd goal. Absolutley brilliant from him a first time 30 yard half volleyed pass to Kennedy in the box. A pass that nobody else in the league is capable of.
  20. Great performance so far. We’re such a different beast at home. The early header making a huge difference some brutal defending to leave McKay unmarked from a corner. And we just kicked on from there. Took the foot off the gas for 20 minutes or so but getting that goal right at the end of the half. For the 3rd goal special mention to both McCann and Morrison. Class from McCann to win the ball back then fair play to Morrison. The temptation to smash the ball into the stand must’ve been strong but showed so much composure to roll the ball over to Alegria. Stephen McGinn is the sexiest baller in the league of course but want to spread the love to Coll Donaldson. An absolute rolls Royce of a centre half.
  21. Aye if you don’t love him then there’s something seriously wrong with you. Best full back we’ve had since Leahy left.
  22. Kai Kennedy very unlucky not to start tonight but got the other 2 spot on. Very good chance for McKay to go and claim the right back spot tonight. Alegria scores again and he keeps his place for the next few games.
  23. I think we’ll probably see a few changes tonight. Brad McKay is a stick on to come in at right back imo. Yeats has been solid enough there but Gardyne had him on toast on Saturday and due to his age was only a matter of time until he had a spell out of the team. Kai Kennedy for McGuffie is another that makes a lot of sense, despite his goal on Saturday McGuffie was poor again and Kennedy looks very dangerous and direct any time he gets the ball. Last change will be up top I reckon. Id imagine Alegria would’ve started on Saturday there if he was available and Burrell has not done enough in the last 2 games to stop him taking his place.
  24. Agree about Burrell however it’s no surprise that Hetherington coming on coincided with us getting more of a foothold on the game. We had been completely ineffective in midfield and putting him there along with McGinn helped us massively. Thought he played well when he came on.
  25. Some goal from McGuffie but we’ve been absolutely ganting in that first half. 1 each absolutely flatters us. It’s like the Kelty game all over again where we just can’t get going at all. Their goal came from some awful play from Burrell giving the ball away very easily in our half and McKinnon just ran through unchallenged and good finish into the bottom corner. For us McGuffie got the ball about 30 yards out loves forward with it and placed one right into the near top corner. As far as performances Leon McCann aside I’d give nobody else pass marks so far. Hogarth gives me the absolute fear in goals he’s sclaffed every kick so far and his dealing with cross balls and long throws has been appalling including once letting the ball bounce right in front of him in the box almost letting McAllister in. Yeats is having an absolute stinker at right back he can’t cope with Gardyne who’s got him on toast here and took him about 15 minutes to complete a pass. Nesbitt and Oliver have been completely anonymous in the middle, Burrell has been rotten up top his movement has been nowhere near good enough and fantastic goal apart McGuffie had a terrible half.
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