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  1. I know what you mean however it's been almost a year on it and seemingly no issues. Maybe too young to have developed that irritating habit.
  2. For those whose cat is happy with Whiskas a heads up Farmfoods do pretty good deals on the larger packs. They do three 40 packs for £30 and you can get vouchers to make that even cheaper (£6 off if you spend over £60 etc). I can't see them any cheaper anywhere else for under £13.99. Could be wrong though. Admittedly we have two youngish outdoor cats so get through 6 sachets a day between them so buying in bulk is fine.
  3. Unless the person was pointing the gun at the closed door then having one of those stupid things would have made no difference to poor Mr Wison's demise.
  4. This is probably why I drink alcohol too much at the weekend. Only time when it shuts up or dulls down. I've met quite a few people who don't have but instead verbalise their inner monologue.
  5. Load of shite tbh. Fools and their money are easily parted I guess
  6. I really hope the Tory party has an effective MLRO because I think they ought to be getting busy at this stage.
  7. Having just watched it on Sportscene he is extremely fortunate not to be off for that. Bizarre behaviour and a clear red.
  8. Probably fair. St Johnstone probably picked the right manager to improve their defence and Adams seems to have got an instant impact at County. Their home form seems to be pretty decent against the teams around them which is massive.
  9. All getting very tight with The Dandies making themselves serious candidates. Should we read anything into the fact the Martindale hasn't issued his annual survival guarantee yet?
  10. Has there ever been such a striking exhibition of imitating so accurately a sack of ferrets in politics?
  11. Why do they bother with the whole description of the flavour/tasting notes etc? No c**t is buying that to drink it ffs
  12. The door looks like it's ripping the pish out of his moustache.
  13. If you cut the wood open and count the rings it tells you how often Miss Wolf has been rattled in it.
  14. Yeah I thought carp was the traditional dish there. Horrific and coarse choice.
  15. If it looked like they were going to win the 2024 election, he would defect. His views and policies are indecipherable from the tories.
  16. If it looked like they were going to win the next election?
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