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  1. It was never a penalty on Samuel Gogic never touched him he was cheating trying to get a pen.
  2. It was 100% garenteed yous were going to win tonight we are the gift that keeps on giving no wins in 10 play us and your sorted .
  3. I noticed that with the scoreboard should be covered under Warrenty.
  4. Think it's pretty plain to see teams have sussed us out and are playing us at our own game and we dont have a clue how to counter act it I've noticed there's a few teams playing that way now and not just in Scotland.
  5. Yes he is according to our assistant manager.
  6. Did anyone else notice once the Ninety minutes were up yesterday the 3 minutes added on was counting down under the 45 that's a new thing and the graphics are way better now.
  7. Unfortunately not got decorating that needs to get done ASAP.
  8. That's us on the slippery slope now 3 defeats in last 4 we might manage to avoid relegation if we are lucky.
  9. Put them as high up as possible then hope that if any arse holes try to get up to them they fall and break there necks.
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