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  1. I could barely see the old one from W3. The new one appears to be roughly the same size but further back and at a worse angle.
  2. This has been my issue with Ineos for the last 2/3 years. What are they? They're not a grand tour team. They're not really a classics team. They're not a sprint lead out. I can't work out the route they are trying to go down. If they are left with Thomas - no offence to him - as their main GT man that's a disaster. A great rider, but he's 37 now. He simply can't hit the levels of Vingegaard, Roglic, Pogacar, Evenepoel etc. anymore. Losing Geohagen Hart and Sivakov is a bit of a disaster. As you say, if they do push out the boat for a Roglic or Evenepoel - they have absolutely no mountain domestiques who can really impact a GT. A bit of a shit show for them really.
  3. For me, he's be ideal for Ineos right now. What do Ineos actually have? Thomas, whilst still strong, is not going to challenge for another Grand Tour. I have doubts over whether Bernal will challenge again too given the severtiy of the injuries he's had to overcome. Geo Heganhart is away to Lidl Trek. Pidcock is not a GT racer. Dani Martinez is off to Bora. Sivakov is off to UAE. At present Carlos Rodriguez is the only one I'm looking at as potentially winning a GT in the future. But he's still only 22 and nowehere near the level of a Evenepoel or Pogacar. Ineos need a GT contender right now. Roglic would suit all parties I reckon. Ineos get a genuine contender and Roglic gets to go and be the main man somewhere.
  4. What an odd state of afairs, as Soudal have signed Mikel Landa, who you'd think was signed to work for Evenepoel. Fabio Jakobsen is off to DSM too, which seemed to indicate that Soudal weren't targeting sprints next year, but would go all in with Evenepoel. If the proposed merger went ahead, could Soudal-Visma (???) stick with Vingegaard and Evenepoel and get shot of Roglic? I could see Roglic ending up at Ineos.
  5. For the visitng Jambos, the council traffic wardens will be out tomorrow ticketing cars parked around the stadium. You can't park in any of the streets in red here:
  6. Found this statement from the club fairly odd. "Ahead of Saturday’s home match against Hearts, the club would like to remind supporters of parking restrictions in and around The SMiSA Stadium on matchdays. Parking is not permitted on any of the following roads around the Stadium on matchdays: Well Street (north-west of Underwood Road); Murray Street; Greenhill Road; Drums Avenue; Clark Street; Craiglea Drive; Ferguslie Park Avenue (east of Tannahill Road); McKenzie Street; Stirrat Cresent; Stirrat Street. The above streets form part of our rendezvous points (RVPs) for emergency services & spectators, and it is essential that all these roads are kept clear in case of emergency. These restrictions have been in place since we moved to the Stadium in 2009. Parking in these areas – as well as other permanent traffic restrictions around the area - could result in a parking fine being issued. The club is aware of supporters’ concerns around matchday parking restrictions and we will continue to work with Renfrewshire Council on an ongoing basis to try to address those." We have been at the stadium for almost 15 years now. Folk have been parking there on matchdays that entire time. Why is it now an issue all of a sudden? Anyone going to tomorrow's game will now be asked to park a fair distance away for, what appears to be, no real reason at all. Virtually the entire area around the stadioum is wasteland. Very strange.
  7. I'm by no means a hardcore F1 fan. I'd definitely fall under the "casual fan" categoery. I simply do not understand the pressure being heaped on Perez from his own team to improve performances. He's miles off Verstapopen - but that's what they want? They don't seem to want a 2nd driver in the other car seriously challenging Max. Perez is second in the championship and will most likely stay there. As an outsider looking in, Red Bull don't want their second driver being competitive with Max - he seemingly won;t get near Max, but will probably finish second. So what exactly is the issue here?
  8. I won’t lie. I would take the second Champions League spot if you offered it to me now.
  9. A proper PR exercise for the Jumbo lads today.
  10. For the very same reason why Kuss paced Roglic up L'Angrilu in 2020 - despite Roglic suffering up the climb and Kuss paced him all the way to the top, despite the fact he was on a very good day himself. By that logic, Kuss should've just dropped Roglic in the red jersey, left him to fend for himself, and plotted him own way up the mountain.
  11. Can't fault the club for trying. But I will be amazed if either of them sign a new deal - especially Strain. I could see Championship clubs lining up for his signature.
  12. For clarity - Kuss wants his shot, but is willing to help the other 2 out. Vingegaard wants Kuss to win. Roglic wants to race. Hope that clears everything up. It's just a shame that the nearest non-Jumbo rider is 4 minutes back here - almost 3 mins down on Roglic in 3rd.
  13. Well, I really wish we could hear the team radios at this Vuelta. I spotted an interview with Vingegaard after today’s stage saying he hopes Kuss wins. That’ll explain why he’s attacked him 2 stages in a row then. If Roglic had just flew to the win and Vingegaard just paced Kuss to the finish then there barely have been a word said. I still can’t see what the need was for Vingegaard to jump on Roglic’s wheel.
  14. Not to mention Jumbo also sucked all the joy out of the Tour of Britain last week - picking up 5 stages wins out of 5. WVA won the GC and the point classification. It really isn't much fun to watch. Anyway, as predicted before the race, I fully expect Vingegaard to be in red in Madrid.
  15. Has anyone ever said Rangers kept their dignity with a straight face before? That must be a first, surely?
  16. I'd watch it if I was you, Tam will have this clipped and on his Insta story by teatime.
  17. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/sir-alex-ferguson-condemns-rangers-30929727 Where to even start with this pish. f**k me. "And the former Rangers striker is utterly convinced that was the wrong call as he believes both the product on the pitch and attendances in the stands suffered. " We won the League Cup and our attendances barely changed during Sevco's ascent up the gingy bottle leagues. Can't say, as a St Mirren fan, that I gave a single f**k that Rangers were not in the top flight.
  18. So Kuss is losing red tomorrow, eh? No way Vingegaard and Roglic don’t attack him. No idea what’s going on. I get that it’s bine racing, but you’d be fuming to be leading the race, your team has an absolute stranglehold on the GC, you’re racing your third grand tour of the season and have helped the other 2 win those GTs. And now we’re in the final week of racing and your own teammates are the ones attacking you inside the last 5k.
  19. Of course, they go ahead and have the three Jumbo guys actually attacking each other. That's how little a threat they view the rest of the field.
  20. I can't recall a single team ever winning all 3 GTs with 3 different riders in the same season.
  21. The Vuelta coverage is dreadful. I've lost count of the number of attacks we've not seen because they are following some random Spaniards hundreds of meters back down the road.
  22. The fun and excitemet has been sucked right out of this Vuelta by Jumbo. The only interesting remaning point will be which of their 3 GC leaders do they give the win to? Do they just let Kuss stick to the wheels all the way to Madrid? Or do they let Roglic have a pop? That aside, there's not much else to get excited by, other than L'Angliru tomorrow.
  23. I can’t actually believe a club bigger than us didn’t come in for McMenamin. He’ll go on to be one of the league’s singings of the season this year.
  24. St Johstone fans right up there in a close second place, just behind Dundee, for the fan base with the biggest bunch of oddballs.
  25. You then have a bizarre scenario where Charlie Mulgrew - who thought it was a foul - tying himself up in knots trying to lend some credence to McCann's batshit take on the incident. Mulgrew actually said that it was a free kick, but if you take the same scenario and move it into the Celtic box then it's a penalty to Rangers. No Charlie, it's not. Having now watched it 3 times and tried to get my head around the points they were making - I still have no fucking idea what they are talking about.
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