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  1. Folk losing the plot over last night are clearly mental. Maintaining our start to the season right through the winter was never realistic. I was just pleased to get the point on the board early doors to ease any worries of a dog fight. I'm still confident of a top 6 finish, but something needs to give with our defensive shape. Losing Strain has been a hammer blow, but for me, we need to be coping with that far better. Just rotating players in and out of the same set up and formation doesn't work. I still think SR will turn this around for us and get us at least picking up points again, if not playing well. If we tweak the shape and limp along until the winter shutdown then hopefully that gives us a chance to try and get Strain back for early March-ish.
  2. Robinson needs to take the flak here. Yes, we have injuries and suspensions. But base your team on who’s available and don’t shoehorn players into a system. Why he’s chosen not to use Small at all is truly mental. McMenamin has not been the player we were promised - in both an attacking and defensive sense. SR insistence on playing him RWB is doing McMenamin a disservice and hurting the team shape. Baffling.
  3. Realistically, who would Motherwell be looking at if SK walks/is sacked? Some of the shouts I've seen so far are unrealistic or terrible.
  4. f**k. SR needs to get the RWB position sorted ASAP then, and stop dicking about with McMenamin there - he's simply not a defender. I'd even be happy with Fraser at RWB and Bolton coming in to the back 3 over McMenamin dropping in at RWB. Failing that, Flynn is an adequate defender when needed. Not sure how much Small has played on the right hand side, but could be another shot. The injury to Strain is a kick in the balls, as so much of what he does is why we've done so well.
  5. I'm not sure why we even bothered bringing Small back. Strain is out and SR prefers Flynn and McMenamin on right, over moving Small to right full back. McMenamin is never a defender and is absolutely wasted there.
  6. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/st-johnstone-player-caught-three-31546160 The Record can't seem to decide if he's a St Johnstone player, or a former St Johnstone player.
  7. Delighted with the points but that was some eye bleeding stuff. I’m in a little bit of shock at how bad Livi actually are. Dreadful. Not much better than St Johnstone under McLean. The game felt like it was played over about 8 hours. Just a constant flow of shit fouls and free kicks, no tempo, nothing.
  8. Having a Foreign Secretary, amidst everything going in in the Middle East and Ukraine, who cannot be quizzed in the Commons absolutely stinks.
  9. I was out in the car during our game and tuned in to try to get the lowdown on our pumping in Dundee. Just seconds after I tuned in, they cut to Willie Miller who said “It’s a goal, and it’s 3-0, I think it was Thierry Small, but it’s in the net and it’s 3-0.” I naturally assumed we had just scored our third and was fairly pleased. Imagine my surprise when I got home and checked Livescore for the full time result.
  10. For me it's be another midfield player. I think O'Hara and Boyd Munce are a wee bit too similar to play together so if Baccus is struggling with injury/suspension I'd like one more option in the middle of the park. That's it really. The return of Ayunga should like a signing, so I think we're ok on that front. We're well covered defensively - both in the back 3 and at wing back.
  11. We weren't great, but I didn't think Hibs were especially good either. There wasn't a great deal of quality in the game, especially first half. The second half was more entertaining, if not too high on quality still. I think in the end a draw was probably a fair result. Absolutely delighted for young Jamieson to get his first goal and it was really well taken too. As an opposition fan, Youan is such an annoying player to play against. Every first touch comes off his shin or his ankle, as if he's never seen a football before and he's given possession away, but he somehow still always comes away with the ball. He just has that knack of every touch he takes, no matter how bad it looks, works for him.
  12. From the outside, Levein looks like the type you would want to come in amidst a crisis and make you lot hard to beat ad try to fight to stay up this season. A 3 year deal does seem pretty odd though TBH. You'd have to assume he will be in Perth next season, no matter what happens this season.
  13. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/kyogo-booking-sparks-furious-celtic-31340320?int_source=nba Peter Grant being an absolute seething mess is nothing new. Has he been brought in to tone down what Tom Boyd previously gave?
  14. On one hand, a defeat is a defeat. On the other hand, we've gone to Parkhead so many times over the years and been spanked 5-0 with a whimper. It's pish to lose the game, but I was very happy with the way we played for the most part. These games are never going to define any team's season. But to head to the most difficult venue in the league, the home of the champions, and give them such a hard game is definitely progress. The impressive thing for me though, is the way in which Robinson has improved each individual player. Hemming was bombed out at Killie, yet he's thriving with us. Far ad away our best player last night. Tanser's confidence was shot, yet now he's one of the first names on the team sheet and been one of our best players this season. Kiltie was very hit and miss since joining, yet this season he's such an influential player in the way we counter at pace. When Kiltie plays well, we play well. Virtually everybody had written off Olusanya last year. Yet he's come back fitter, stronger, more confident and is absolutely flying just now. Mandron was binned by Motherwell and ridiculed by their fans, but has come in and been excellent for us. Robinson's recruitment has been absolutely top drawer so far and his coaching and management of the squad since he arrived has given us a platform to take a massive stride forward. Of course, he will now get himself a big money offer at some point and, quite rightly, take it and then f**k knows where that leaves us. I'm just enjoying watching his team for as long as he's here.
  15. Not surprising that Willie Miller was banging on about there being "not much happening here" during a 4-0 pumping. This is a weekly occurrence. He absolutely half-arses every single game he ever covers. He could be sent out to a 4-4 draw with 2 red cards and his updates would be all about there being no chances and it being poor quality. You can predict what he's going to say about each game a half 2.
  16. Is Baccus suspended? I may have counted wrong, but thought he was one booking away from a suspension and then he got booked against St Johnstone.
  17. Not only did they start with a 0-0, they dedicated nearly half the show to it. Lads, I really don’t want to spend any sort of time watching Simon Donnelly analyse a 0-0 draw for half an hour on a Saturday night.
  18. Insufferable as usual yesterday. You had a 3-3 game, a 4-0 and a 2-0. Yet they still dedicated the majority of the time, from full time until about half 5, to Pat Bonner banging on about how tired Celtic were and how good Mickey Johnson was in a goalless draw. I’m sure most folk tuning in at full time really wanted to hear why Celtic played out a 0-0 draw, and not the games with barrow-loads of second half goals. Right?
  19. Saints fans will be expected to travel up through areas with a red weather warning for flooding that's a "threat to life". I reckon there's a good chance this is off, purely for the travelling aspect of it.
  20. Boxing has long been a joke where the top fighters in each weight class do everything in their power to avoid actually fighting each other. Adding these clowns into the mix just sends boxing further down the shiter. Long gone are the days of the best fighters fighting each other and selling the most PPVs. These days it's total mis-matched fights or Youtube arseholes who cannot even throw a punch. A total embarrassment to the sport.
  21. Has Gilmour come out yet and revealed WTF he was talking about when he chucked his name in the hat and subsequently got elected?
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