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  1. Yeah, St Pauli were fantastic tonight. I was a bit worried about the lack of goals but that is 8 in the last two games. JoJo Eggestein going from having no role at the club to coming in from the cold and starting in two huge wins while the team waits on Zoller getting up to speed must be giving the manager a bit of a headache. I'm there next Saturday for the trip to Hertha away and looking massively forward to it, last time I got over it was their 9th win in a row, this time just the 8th unbeaten in a row we are looking for.
  2. The away team bus aren't hanging about so their player can nip into hospitality to get a bottle of champagne and a wee chat as well
  3. We were obviously good last night but I think a little bit of caution is needed as we don't know how much any or all of: Chalmers scoring early from a corner Queens Park playing a midfielder in defence Our change of shape Had a bearing on the game.
  4. Apparently at the youth board meeting they were discussing the mural idea and have agreed what they are going to put up.
  5. Yeah. Thirsty for pints in the southside. The game? Pumped IMO
  6. Sounds like you've outaged 'wacky' and need a change to Brian or something like that.
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