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  1. I think it's Mark Baxter who has signed for Arbroath, leaving us still in with a chance of signing Ramsay sometime next week.
  2. Ramsay and Baxter of Cowdenbeath are possible signings.
  3. For goodness sake - the separation of the debt was not made by me! It happened during the period of rescue when John Sim came in. At present, that is still the case. The part of the debt that we can do something about is now less than 6 figures, which is attainable in the short term. Also, if this part of the debt is wiped out we are less likely to default on payments to the Allied Irish Bank. I agree with you that a club without a ground is in a dangerous situation but as things stand there's not a lot we can do about it.
  4. Did I question the cup run money? For your information the debt, Stark's Park and its rental aside, is hoped to be substantially less than six figures. This is not a 'guesstimate'. As for your 'do keep up' comment, grow up.
  5. In other words you haven't got a clue what the debt is.
  6. What is the point in using such an arbitrary figure when talking about a club's debt? You'd be as well saying that Raith are £12 million in debt, which is equally daft.
  7. With a name like Jay Silverheels you've already given your age away.
  8. Sorry about that reply but the more ott I made it, the worse it looks for the pars and their incredibly naive supporters. Hate them for the years they cheated 'Livi style' to stay in the SPL, pretending they're a BIG club.
  9. Oh really, Dunfermline are looking sound are they? That is one hugely ill-informed piece of rubbish. Let me set things straight: Dunfermline don't own their ground. So what you might say. Several clubs don't. But Dunfermline are 12 million!!!!!!!!!!! in debt. 12 Million!!!!!!
  10. Let me rephrase that for you: I know for a fact I didn't once post GIRUY. I made myself look like a jumped up dummy fcuk wit, again.
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