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  1. My view is that this is bigger than the club. If a new club are allowed entry into division 1 then that would mean one rule for that new club (and Celtic, probably) and another for everyone else. For that reason I would no longer wish to be a part of Scottish football. I can't even see their right to entry into the third division, given that every other applicant must produce three years of audited accounts. Every criminal must face some sort of punishment. One year in division 1 followed by probable promotion to the SPL makes a mockery of any justice system after more than ten years of cheating. More importantly, it would make the SFA one of the most corrupt footballing bodies in the world. Want to be a part of that?
  2. I have a season ticket but I won't be going back to Starks if Rangers are in our league.
  3. Do you get the fact that they might not get enough votes for entry into the third?
  4. The only reason for that is that your sugar daddies have nothing left to give. Otherwise, it would be spend, spend spend pretending to be something you're not.
  5. From the Fife Free Press: McGlynn said, "There's a good core of last season's team returning and I've got a few irons in the fire." McGlynn departs the country for a two week break in America this Saturday, but he has more business to conclude. "I'm looking to bring in one more striker, and I need to fill in the gaps in midfield," he said. "It's a difficult time now with managers and players going on holiday, but if I've still got one or two players to sign when I come back, I can handle that." McGlynn has not yet given up hope of re-signing Davidson, but admitted the player could be destined for bigger things.
  6. I was alluding to Dunfermline's cheating off the park.
  7. Let's get this straight - if you include the £3,000,000 written off by Masterton, you've spent £12,000,000 you didn't have (in addition to the fact that you now don't own your ground). I think the worst we've been is £1,500,000 and that includes the loan on Starks. You can dress it up any way you want but when it comes to cheating, we're not in your league.
  8. I can't believe we'd get lumped together with Dunfermline when talking about financial affairs. We've been very poorly lead in the past but we're simply not in your league.
  9. I think McGlynn realises Murray's limitations in midfield but at times was forced to play him there. Next season I see Ellis playing less (more of a back-up) and so Murray would play in defence with Hill. So, only Callachan and Hammil in midfield.
  10. That was mentioned in the pub last week by the barman but was dismissed as just idle talk.
  11. So we'd be ok with 4 right footers or 3 right footers and a left footer. No logic there.
  12. I agree with most of what has been posted on here recently but what we clearly need for next season is a dominant centre half like Mark Campbell. Set pieces have been a nightmare to defend because any combination of Murray, Ellis and Hill hasn't worked too well. Also, not too sure about Dyer so another left back may be needed unless Donaldson gets that slot. For midfield I'd love to get Jamie Walker back on loan but that's unlikely. I'd also like to get Thomson signed up. Since he came we've won 4, drawn 4 and lost only 2. Only Ross County have better end of season form.
  13. Security and police present at Stark's Park this morning when I passed at 10.00am. If they stay there until 6.00pm, that's one hefty bill for our wee club.
  14. Falkirk McGovern, Fulton, Kingsley, Dods, Wallace, Murdoch, Weatherston, Millar, Bennett, Higginbotham, Alston
  15. Correct McGurn, Donaldson, Dyer, Murray, Ellis, Hill, Williamson, Walker, Baird, Graham, Hamill
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