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  1. Talking about full backs - has there been any word on Geggan injury wise?
  2. Was just about to post and say the exact same thing - if we are planning on playing the likes of McDaid (if he signs) / McGuffie / Forrest out wide plus 2 strikers then we really need the full backs to be solid defenders first and foremost.
  3. There will be - I can't imagine many of us had heard of McDaid when we signed him for example. It's just a case of finding them!
  4. I'd have taken Fleming ahead of Hart but would prefer McCrorie to Fleming.
  5. Livi manager Hopkin resigned today so would all of a sudden seem a very risky move...
  6. Interesting q&a with Lachlan posted on the SRE facebook page. Finances still a worry - plus he's said he isn't making any more donations. We really need to get the crowds up. Massive that we start well this season - I know quite a few folk same age as me who have stopped playing amateur / junior who are talking about going next season but obviously havent been regulars for 15 odd years - need to get folk like that hooked in.
  7. You'd imagine we would want to sign Hart again, otherwise we are in the market for 2 keepers, one probably unproven and cheap as a backup. At least we know what he can do - id be perfectly happy having him as sub keeper and get the Irn Bru cup. He might want to leave and be a number 1 somewhere, but that would involve going part time surely so may be happy to stay as backup.
  8. I eventually got round to sharing their post on facebook tonight - myself and my old man had agreed to sign up if the club showed enough ambition to keep Shankland so that's two more members not in the figures there as we will do it tomorrow.
  9. Tbh Cammy Bell (or similar) plus keeping Hart would be perfect for me. As someone has said before I can't see being an ex Killie being an issue. From what i've seen he's a pretty good keeper at this level and is someone Hart coulf learn from. If he performs well the fans will take to him - simple as that.
  10. Compared to our striking options last time we went up, to have Moffat, Moore and Shankland tied up by mid May this time round is absolutely fantastic.
  11. On a similar note I had a look on soccerbase to see how many games Forrest had played - was surprised to see he is still only 21 but has played nearly 200 games and scored 40 odd goals.
  12. He got linked with them ages ago, was before they beat us up there...cant remember where i saw it though
  13. You fucking beauty. I was happy enough with the first three - thought the Shanks one would rumble on for a while.
  14. I'm delighted - think there are 9 grounds i've never been to left, and Ross County (plus Falkirk new one and Dundee Utd) are 3 of them. Add that to the fact the in laws are from Greenock and are Morton fans, and a work pal a Dunfermline fan i'm buzzing about the away days this season
  15. Aye - he said something about Ecrepont signing once his exams were out the way.
  16. Re: Jordan Marshall - if he is 21 and was offered a new deal, would we not need to pay compensation? Haven't seen it mentioned so I assume not somehow, but I'm not exactly clued up with the process
  17. I get the feeling he's maybe saying that stuff as a message to the likes of Shankland etc - much easier to persuade him / Crawford / McDaid etc who will have other offers if he is making public noises about us going up there to challenge, rather than saying "its going to be a long hard season and 8th would be brilliant" etc.
  18. Raith should go for Paddy Boyle. Better than McHattie and a promotion magnet.
  19. I really can't see the Vaughan one - he is under contract. Unless he has a release clause or something, I cant see us paying a fee. There's definitely something to it though - a Raith employee who is pals with my mate from work (Pars fan) mentioned it on Monday.
  20. Didn't realise Furtado was so young - i'd take him (and Vaughan) from Raith in a second. I reckon Moff, Moore and possibly even Shankland would have struggled in a team that played the style Raith did. Re: Furtado - i was bored this morning so was scrolling through our 17/18 pre season thread and a Stenny fan at one point posted out the blue saying we were signing him - he ended up at Airdrie but I wonder if there was any truth in it. I was feeling smug reading the chat of a year ago though...some on here raging at Crawford, Moore, Rose,and Adams being re-signed until I saw myself say something like 'not convinced at all by McDaid, and Meggat a massive miss'. Balloon burst.
  21. Was one of the big tubs so the change was only 3 quid mind.
  22. That's why i'm not panicking too much about Shanks - obviously i'd a absolutely love him to stay, but the fact we got him on a free in September after he got let go by a Premier team suggests there are plenty options out there - it's just up to McCall to find them. Being full time this summer has to be a massive help too. We've done quite well with youngish guys in that situation recently with Shanks, Moore, McDaid and Rose so there's definitely talent out there.
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