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  1. Valentin Castellanos of Girona (on loan) scored 4 against Real Madrid, the first player to do that against them in la Liga since 1947.
  2. Lot of empty seats for a cup semi.
  3. It's pretty obvious with the 30 point deduction that it means winning 10 games (or getting points from draws) just to get started on chasing down the other teams. What quickly also became obvious is, you're gonna see visiting teams coming to waste time right from the first whistle to hang on to a draw. The conference was great compared to that.
  4. Interesting take on it as the club started with a 30 point deduction and a last day rush to get a bunch of loan players in once the embargo was lifted. And you'd be hard pushed to find anyone at the club with a negative word to say about that manager.
  5. He didn't mention football. It was a sticker album dedicated to hat making. There's a rare example of it in the childhood museum in London with a full set of Stockport County stickers.
  6. Adam should send five trained eagles to swoop in and pluck the five workers from their perilous predicament. He should also provide advice on improving diet and portion control to the plump fellow, not that it's any of his business, the judgemental arse that he is.
  7. Not in everyone's interests. Capital & Regional, owners of the mall in the town centre, fought to prevent it, particularly Newlands Park. Thankfully they're gone. Laughing at the idea of Luton having a sense of entitlement though. It's been a running joke since they start moving back up the leagues the number of opposing managers/ players/ supporters who come away with the catchphrase they should be beating "teams like Luton".
  8. Well, I don't agree that it would be at anyone in the west's 'expense' unless someone actually lost out. That's all. I'll read all about it in this history book of yours Enjoy your evening.
  9. It wouldn't be 'at the expense of the WOSFL champions', if they weren't licensed and therefore eligible for the playoff. And no, I never had anyone calling you anything.
  10. Yes, if you word it like that, you don't look like your making up nonsense. Apart from the lololool, of course, which really doesn't help your case.
  11. The history books won't show that anyone 'lost out' in something they weren't eligible to play for.
  12. Seasonal, as that game was on Easter Monday. Payne was only playing up front due to injuries.
  13. Losing credibility with claims of handball at the second Celtic goal.
  14. McCoist all over the place there. First claims he doesn't know what it was disallowed for, then disagrees with the decision.
  15. Expected more from him in the derby today. Suppose he can't play Spain every week. Great performance and a late goal from Allan Campbell
  16. Rodri coming across pretty much like every other bitter p***k on blue moon forum whenever city crash out of Europe.
  17. I don't follow... I'd be impressed with the ref if he booked the diver.
  18. The doctor did a fine job patching him up there.
  19. Unusual to be watching international qualification matches where you can see more people in the clothes shop in the background than in the stadium.
  20. I am incapable of sitting in an aeroplane seat without observing that aw they people oot there look like ants.
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