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  1. Don't like to single out an individual as the whole team started badly, but Kennedy looked miles off it tonight. Some questionable refereeing too.
  2. Rumoured to be in the region of $600 million, Rahm has the benefit of qualification for all the majors for the next few years in the bag.
  3. Nobody can hit a 68 quite like Jordan Speith.
  4. Think part of their trouble in Rome was all the VCs were guys who play on the Champions Tour, they had no rapport with the guys on the team.
  5. Cardinals release Zach Ertz, with the news broken by JJ Watt.
  6. On the subject of the Panthers ownership, why the f**k would you ever admit that in public, never mind with a third of the season left?
  7. It's ridiculous, Woods has pocketed around $40 million from it over the last 3 years yet only played in a handful of tournaments. The money should be added to tournament prize pots across the year.
  8. Another prime draw for Bob this week
  9. Frank Reich has told at least one reporter that he is likely done with the NFL. In other news......
  10. Doesn't say much for the owner's judgement when he punts the head coach he appointed during his first season. Don't blame Reich for taking it, any out of work guy is going to jump at it. Fwiw it appears QB coach Josh McCown an assistant HC/RB coach Duce Staley have also been emptied.
  11. Worth remembering that Reich wanted to draft Stroud, the owner went for Young.
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