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  1. Sequential with some massive time skips. You would need to read them in order to follow them. The ones by his son are prequels IIRC.
  2. Even the later Frank ones are a slog but worth it for how weird they get. The ones by his son try to fill in parts of the backstory but do so very poorly, imo.
  3. If you get a doctor's letter and involve HR (if there's a department) with a reasonable adjustments request then I think your manager etc should be duty bound to give it consideration and provide an official response. It might have to be a compromise between you and the business but it might give you reduced office time at least. That's what we've had in our department and I would always recommend going through official channels rather than stepping down after informal discussions.
  4. I can see it being pursued down the line but the Tories would happily ignore it and the SNP MPs like the theatre of Westminster. It’s obvious Blackford enjoyed walking out the other day even if he was correct to do so.
  5. Starmer’s spent two years tearing up or reneging on every policy that got him elected and indeed that’s been his only sustained claim, that he’ll go against the members if necessary. f**k all of substance is coming.
  6. Has it actually been confirmed anywhere that that was the reason?
  7. "the only good soldier is a deed soldier" was one of the tweets, I think.
  8. Quite amused at the hacks suddenly deciding smears are bad when it’s aimed at Keir Starmer. They’re all still pals with Tom Newton-Dunn who published far right propaganda on the front pages during the 2019 election and never apologised.
  9. Got it in 3/6 today. Fair play to the boy for making the money but this is yet another sign of how capitalism will take every simple joy and ruin it
  10. I'm a big fan personally of adding scarcity where it didn't previously exist.
  11. Politics in Westminster is totally captured by psychotic right wing interests you might as well enjoy any opportunity for one of them to be humiliated regardless.
  12. Sky News is reminding me that Nadine Dorries is an actual government minister. England is such an embarrassing country.
  13. Tory MP siding with Diane Abbott over the PM lol.
  14. My abiding memory of Britpop will always be this https://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/oct/03/kevin-shields-britpop-pushed-by-government
  15. Watched both in a blur during the first lockdown and started rewatching Clone Wars slowly in 2021 as some podcasters I like began a podcast going through the show. It's a messy show for sure especially in the early seasons but it has some whoppers and great arcs throughout. Filoni also seems like a daft guy that loves what he does.
  16. As an aside one of my favourite 30 Rock jokes is when Tracey Morgan says "I finally understand the end of the Sixth Sense! All those names were the people who worked on the movie."
  17. I can easily rationalise the show and make it sound good from describing what happened but watching it in the moment is miserable. Half of it is childish nonsense and the other half is genuinely talented, charismatic and often popular characters being treated like morons or given short shrift if the constant camera cuts even catches them being dumped out. Rousey returned last night to a genuine pop and instantly revealed she’s forgotten how to wrestle. Knoxville pops in for a minute and is gone as soon as he got to take some silly bumps. Kofi either botched his Rumble moment or Vince wants to emphasise how little Kofimania meant to him. That’s before you get to loads of other issues. I think the one thing I was pleasantly surprised by again is how good and up for it Bad Bunny was.
  18. “Well if a court hasn’t established guilt I don’t believe anyone else can make a judgment” is the most pseudo-intellectual shitebag move in the game.
  19. If I’m two pints deep or just off dealing with them I’d happily agree. All the defences are the same.
  20. Yes it’s funny when bad things happen to bad people.
  21. Ah you’re alright he was already slagging off Salford for not laughing at the same bits as Oxford or “real Britain”. There was someone there who spoiled his audience participation by attending the aforementioned Oxford show. Maybe I can PM you the answer and you can be part of the act.
  22. You do you mate no judgment here. It’s good to slum it now and again.
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