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  1. Cut the guy some slack. GTF day has been irrelevant to Falkirk for 5 (five) years so he might have just forgotten the rules.
  2. Either that or he thinks Ally McCoist and the Whirlies roundabout are regulars at K Park
  3. Livramento got injured last weekend too so our curse is extending to players who haven't even declared for us.
  4. The 'why I hate Thistle' thread on the Morton forum will be buzzing today.
  5. Not heard anything other than the fact he's out of contract and we'd have him signed up by now if he was interested in staying.
  6. Looking on the bright side at least we aren't into June before looking to start the rebuild for next season. What are we looking at then? Goalkeeper, right back as McMillan's last touch for us is going to be that penalty, winger, centre mid and a striker who is happy to be Graham's number 2? It would be nice if we can just sign a number 1 goalkeeper and forget about the position for a season instead of yet another year of Sneddon starting then losing his place. Quite looking forward to McBeth and O'Reilly has a centre half pairing and Muirhead can finally be the backup he was probably signed for be.
  7. Now we're out I'm campaigning for a 13 team top flight so Raith can go up but the Championship forum isn't forced to be the new home of RandomGuy.
  8. I can't really blame folk for picking and choosing during the playoffs. If you finish 3rd or 4th and make it to the final that's 6 x £20-£30 on tickets depending on who you're playing before you even spend another penny on anything else and that's if you only need to pay for yourself. Even the 4 games for Raith fans should Raith finish the job is an expensive week and a half if you've got a family to bring along with you. Still doesn't look like either team brought/is bringing poor numbers tbh.
  9. Yep 100% pick up games they've started charging us £3 per ticket for collection. Started for France last year, same for Georgia and then in the middle of the current membership cycle after those games they updated the terms and conditions to say they could do it. Considering they already do ticket collection for overseas fans plus those randomly selected I'm not sure how it cost £3 x 1680 tickets to dish out tickets in Lille.
  10. They've been leaving it later and later especially for the 100% pick up games over the last year to 18 months. To think their official line is you shouldn't book up until you know you have a ticket too. Between the late sales, charging us to pick up our own tickets and the dismissive nature of their emails to the people who went to Amsterdam but their ticket didn't scan properly the SFA's attitude to away fans is horrendous.
  11. Tele claiming Strapp's offer was on terms less than last season. Ooft. https://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/24325111.lewis-strapp-morton-set-lose-left-back-deal-snub/
  12. It doesn't matter which regional transport app you buy the Deutschland ticket on, it's valid for the entire country so if as Arch says it's easy to buy on the MVV app you'd be as well buying it on there as some of the other regional transport providers have barely functioning apps.
  13. France have announced their squad and have only called up 25 players. A real boost of confidence to those who just missed out to know Deschamps would rather take nobody than them. Considering it was supposed to benefit the bigger nations having a 26 man squad that's 2 of the biggest seemingly fucking around with the extra spaces, expecting Southgate to just call up another 3 right backs with his extra picks now.
  14. https://www.getfootballnewsgermany.com/2024/julian-nagelsmann-explains-his-decision-on-taking-four-goalkeepers-to-euro-2024/
  15. Nagelsmann has said he's bringing the 4 goalkeepers. Completely pointless since it's the 1 position where you can call up a replacement if there's an injury.
  16. Hungary squad announced for their friendlies and with it being 26 presumably their Euros squad too barring injury (not sure if there's an opponents thread on the go)
  17. I'd avoid Panmure Street if you can get parked on Murano Street tbh, it was wild on Friday and took an age to get out although the police vans stopping cars going towards the stadium won't have helped.
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