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  1. Incredible collapse from UCF last night.
  2. Cheap AF from the Saints on the TD for the Bucs there. No need at all.
  3. Really interested to see how both teams look against each other. Would be more than happy to avoid defeat here.
  4. You could no doubt produce incredible highlight reels from the WoSL Premier but that doesn't mean its a great league. It's not misogynistic to say that womens' football in Scotland just isn't that good.
  5. Incredible to think that, should we draw with you next week, we'll have 23 points from the first 9 games and not be top! Looks like whoever wins the league might need 85+ points which is insane. Be a real upset IMO if both Falkirk and Hamilton are not playing Championship football next season. Both of us are too good for this league.
  6. I'm not really sure what you think this proves tbh. Womens' football, in Scotland, is currently miles away from being elite. Should the womens' game in Scotland continue to improve and capture attention then interest in it will grow organically, but simply telling people on repeat that it's good because you want it to be doesn't actually make it good.
  7. Very good. Not much more to say tbh. Over to Falkirk tomorrow and then next week I guess!
  8. Standing charges / unit prices are not capped when signing up to fixed rate deals. They can charge what they want.
  9. Or, maybe, the product itself really just isn't that good?
  10. Picked a bottle of this up on Saturday. Danish in origin, with what I thought was quite an incredibly unique taste. Not going to open it just yet but will enjoy it over Christmas etc.
  11. Amos deserved to go for wearing a safety pin on his ear tbh.
  12. Whilst I don't necessarily disagree with what you've said above I think it's also fair to say that this is slightly more nuanced than the sweeping generalisation you gave earlier.
  13. I suppose those sets of parents might feel slightly differently to the bit in bold, but given, as you say, she is already on a whole-life tariff I fail to see how this is in the public interest. The cynic in me would suggest it is more to do with the fact she did not appear for sentencing and can now be forced to do so after this new trial. f**k being on that jury btw - a complete waste of their time and money.
  14. I wonder how many of the people attending these demos etc have actually done any reading in to what is proposed vs just following the outraged crowd on social media. As far as I can see there is no plan to cull existing dogs, but ban further breeding and ownership? That being the case I can't understand why anyone would object to what statistics show is by far the most dangerous dog breed in the UK being banned. They are literally getting outraged about something which currently does not actually exist being banned, not take their current pet away.
  15. There really isn't much of a decision to be made tbh. We are well into the calculation period for the Jan - March Price cap and there has been little overall movement in the cost of buying gas since the start of it. The Price Cap overall is currently forecast to remain pretty much where it is until the end of next year (a marginal increase in January which will then be reversed in April) so the only way a fix in the current market is a good idea is if you can get one at a reasonable amount below the October Cap or believe there will be an unexpected shock causing the wholesale purchase cost to soar.
  16. Absolutely. But, off the back of 2020 and 2024, failing to qualify for 2028 would be a monumental failure
  17. Pre-match banter and bravado aside, that has the feeling of a huge result. Get in!
  18. Johnston is a lucky boy there imo. Late, studs showing, contact with an opponent above the bootline with force. By today's laws of the game I think that's a red card.
  19. Agreed. Last week when RB weren't a factor produced easily the most exciting race all year.
  20. That's fair enough. Some middle ground between body shaming and body delusion then.
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