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  1. Hope you find a way through this, always been a bit of a bond between both clubs.
  2. You heard multiple people shouting a rhythmic phrase repeatedly at the game? I didn't.
  3. 100% there was no chanting of any type at the game today.
  4. Haha, GIRFUY, you bunch of moaning faced, hammer throwing cheats.
  5. Random number generators at this stage would have been better.
  6. A tough watch against a well organised defensive setup side. A wins a win and hopefully a week closer to getting players back. Next week is going to be difficult.
  7. Needs binning in the same way songs about Jimmy Hill don't get sung any more. Bit of booing a National Anthem is ok but horrendous abuse towards specific players should not be tolerated.
  8. England would win everything with their players if they had SSC managing them.
  9. Will take getting the pish performance out the way in a friendly.
  10. Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie Love and Money The Silencers The Associates
  11. Exactly the kind of player we needed, confident, physically strong, skilful and knows how to lead by example.
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