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  1. Not clear. Belgium v Sweden abandoned at half time as the two shot dead were wearing Sweden football shirts and the attacker is still on the loose….
  2. Ok, that’ll probably just about let me avoid having to do it again on your latest borefest post….
  3. What a bottler, …….a bit like your team in the cup………
  4. Yep, only problem there is he may be better aware but Mackie Isn’t the best at defending with a tendency to make mistakes. So McCann still the better option but he will need to be better at tracking back for Hamilton or it something that they may well exploit…..
  5. Said before that McCann impresses going forward but I have concerns re his ability to get back and cover. I guess this is why McGlynn appears to prefer Mackie although I think both have their weaknesses……
  6. I didn’t express an opinion either way on McGlynn to my recollection but I would have been happy to be shot of him after that Airdrie game. I suspect if I looked hard enough, one or two of those defending him on here at the moment would have been calling for his head at the end of last season. I still think his strength is that he signs decent players who he can use to change a game based on their abilities, rather than having any outstanding tactical nous, but it’ll do for me if we get promoted this season……
  7. Nah, we needed to win this one. Pleased that we got something but a below par performance against the one team we had a chance to finish above…..
  8. Pretty certain we are finishing bottom of this group already….
  9. Does anyone actually believe is was the right decision to extend Losa’s contract? I was amazed at that given that I see very little to suggest that our team is performing to the level it should. One decent losing display against England isn’t enough for me….
  10. Agreed re the stabilisation and that we look a lot better than for a few seasons. However it looks like you are having a go re anyone who thought that McGlynn should go at the end of last season. I could understand that, not due to his overall win record, but because of the disappointing cup semi followed by our horrific display against Airdrie (in both legs). Finishing your season on those displays hardly inspired anyone to believe that we were improving under McGlynn. Glad it appears that he’s proved us all wrong though…..
  11. One poster on here said this on Saturday evening, “I can't see us throwing it away this year. Hamilton aren't financed like Cove we're and just aren't like Dunfermline. I can't see past us for the league.”. Not quite a majority opinion I don’t think, but unfortunately rival team posters have a tendency to think we all post as one and consequently we all now believe it’s in the bag. I tend to agree with the majority on here that let’s wait and see how things lie after the Hamilton game. Even then we know that we’ve not exactly been consistent over a whole season and tended to have major dips in performance. Far too many things that can go wrong…even if we beat Hamilton, to believe it’s in the bag this early….
  12. From the way it’s going I’m not sure they did come out…..
  13. I think we need to win tonight first then look for a draw in Oslo and we are through. Fantastic as we have been I’m worried as we now expect to win tonight. We all know how that historically turns out….
  14. Looks good on a Sunday morning for once….
  15. Well you seem to have appointed yourself as spokesman haven’t you?…
  16. Has anyone actually done this? That hasn’t come across from any of the posts I have seen…
  17. Here’s a quick suggestion to reduce criticism. How about you don’t bump up the monthly charge until you know you are able to provide a fit for purpose service? I agree, the commentary is good, but the service is currently lacking and criticising those of us that are willing to pay for it isn’t the way to get us all back onside……
  18. We’ve now had 20 shots of which nearly half were on target, whilst Edinburgh haven’t had a shot yet. The only disappointment is we’ve not scored six……
  19. Yes, got in after 12 minutes…. A bit like half our support at the game I guess….
  20. Actually they stated on the club website that they are streaming the game. No additional comments that it wouldn’t be guaranteed. It’s entirely reasonable that if you pay a subscription you get to see the game…..
  21. Has anybody actually got a stream of the game or do we all have another failed service that we’ve paid for but apparently shouldn’t complain about?…
  22. I suspect Morrison is one example. Whether it’s justified is an entirely different matter……
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