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  1. 17 minutes ago, FFC 1876 said:

    U18's drew 1-1 with Montrose today, Montrose keeper saving a penalty and making another great save at the end to keep it that way. Rhys Walker & Logan Sinclair played the full 90. 

    U16's was 3-2 when I left, 2-2 at half time after a goal and assist each for our striker & winger and then an absolute peach of a goal for our third from the very impressive striker.

    Fair few decent looking prospects in both squads. 

    Understand the under 18s lost 3 nil last week to Alloa

  2. Putting it out there but wonder if Jordan Allan will be satisfied with a bit part role as he’s unlikely to be starting  anytime soon. Personally speaking in his shoes might be looking for a loan move to January to get regular game time freeing up a wage for us to replace him on a temporary basis with a loan move for a young paces striker.

  3. 2 hours ago, Springfield said:

    One of the best opening 45s since moving to Westfield. Strong, decisive and some sublime passing/finishing. The attitude, application and awareness was excellent. A professional performance and special praise for Long, Lang, Spencer, Miller. We’ve set the bar and this is what we should be producing every game. 


  4. Hi Jimmy 

    Noticed you’ve been conspicuously quiet over past couple of days but take it you’ve been following your big team over in Switzerland. Guess it doesn’t matter to you what rangers you follow follow. Planning to be at Berwick & Forest Green anytime soon 😎

  5. 8 hours ago, Jimmy Plimsoles MBE said:

    No it isn’t


    What because I defend my club from fans of a team that will never ever get back to where they were because they have been left behind? Jealous of our wealthy benefactors and critical of our ground when your own will never ever be finished? 

    I just find it all hysterical 

    Hi Jimmy 

    Slightly misrepresentative of the fact that I was commending your club for a tidy wee ground but critical of the fact that your level of ambition didn’t seem to see ball girls & boys are an integral part of being a real community asset, notwithstanding the fact that it slows down the game. My sense is that this fits the agenda of the manager you have to seek to negate any side that wants to play with tempo.

    Anyway make hay while sun shines as your winter of discontent is coming your way my fine loon 😎

  6. 1 hour ago, Tea and Busquets said:

    The worst part of the full thing, and it’s been mentioned in a few posts, is the fact the lineman clearly flags to call the referee over. Now, the head of referees need to find out why he didn’t go across and use his linesman. He may still not have changed his mind, but the fact he completely ignored him questions the point of the linesman. That cost us two points and top spot. 

    Absolutely & apparently the linesman is quoted as saying it wasn’t a pen 🙈

  7. 3 hours ago, Senor Bairn said:

    Gary Holt masterclass giving Brad McKay a THREE year deal while in league 1. Still absolutely baffling. 

    Incredibly he’s a pundit on Radio Scotland this afternoon pontificating on Hearts v Killie. Begs the question what credentials he has for this given he has no career to speak of. 

  8. 5 hours ago, bairn88 said:

    That penalty is an absolute disgrace. The decision is bad enough, as it hits a cove arm and not ours, but the manner of it is the real problem. The ref is at the corner of the other side of the box, looking through around 14 bodies. The fact that he gives it should genuinely cause serious alarm bells, and I don’t say that lightly. He has ignored his lineman who has a clear view of it and who wanted to talk to the referee. The club has this footage and I’d hope there would be an email sent to question the process that went on there. 

    Whilst I never wish to operate at Celtic levels of paranoia & generate conspiracy theories I agree that something stank about that decision today alongside the decision when we were attacking late in & he opted to stop the game. His incompetence allied to his arrogance made for severe levels of frustration even 24hours later.

  9. 1 hour ago, Jimmy Plimsoles MBE said:

    He was good today. Got into good positions and held the ball up. Very good engine and I think he will do very well for us. Pretty sure I was standing next to his old man who was more enthusiastic than the rest of the home support put together.


    Excited to see what he will bring to us.  

    First visit to your stadium & thought it was a tidy ground & befitting of your level of ambition……..however if you have aspirations for being more than a Highland league outfit with a sugar daddy may I suggest you invest in some ball boys/girls & sufficient supply of balls to ensure you don’t continue to resort to time wasting every time a ball exits the arena. Thought a multi ball system was now not optional at our level.

    lit was now  

  10. 1 hour ago, bridge of allan bairn said:

    First couple of times I saw Donaldson play for us he was excellent. Definitely a decent player in there. The way we are playing out from the back needs changed asap to help him and his defending team mates, along with the zonal defending at corners, neither strategy helps our goals against column. 


  11. 24 minutes ago, Harry Kinnear said:

    Second half has given me a glimmer of hope for the season ahead, but I’ve a feeling at 2pm next Saturday when I see McGinns name with Spencer on the team sheet that hope will be gone.

    McGlynn has never shown that he will learn from what has gone before, so I don’t know why I should expect him to look at the second half performance and see it was a better line up than what he started with.

    Think if he retains his starting line up then he deserves any flak that comes his way.
    Credit for his half time changes today but that will be gone if he reverts to type next Saturday.

  12. 29 minutes ago, Blame Me said:


    I just don't see the clamour for Allan at all. Hate to say it but I thought he looked lazy and went through the motions. 

    Can see why McGlynn hasn't been convinced and having spent ££ on him you wonder what he was thinking - panic!


  13. 5 minutes ago, Ian Mcleod said:

    If you are a Falkirk fan it must be a bit concerning that the 2 guys it seems you've spent most of your budget on in the last 2 games that 1 of them has got sent off and the other has gave away a disaster of a goal that has got you knocked out the cup. 

    Two excellent signings 

  14. 16 minutes ago, kiddy said:

    Well that was utterly dreadful. Same pedestrian pish as last season & lo and behold, they still manage to throw in a complete fcuk up to concede the match.

    Agyeman is going to be completely infuriating. We seem to have replaced the guy on loan fi County, with his twin fi the Wee County. McGinn is done & McKay and Donaldson are still complete bombscares. Never mind though, as Utd were so pish, they couldn’t take advantage of our shambolic set up second half.

    Two teams who wont worry the trophy scribes this season.

    ”See you on Saturday for the Peterhead game”, eh no.

    Harsh on McIver in my opinion. As others have commented he needs someone to play off him.

    I also thought Donaldson was ok.  

    Where I do agree is the ponderous possession for sake of it & the realty of legs gone McGinn, which is unfortunate given his football brain. Think he will turn out to be a decent manager in time.

  15. 1 hour ago, Long Suffering Bairn said:

    I am a carer for my disabled partner so rarely get out of the house.  A charity in Edinburgh who are for carers asked me if they could do anything for me so I could have some respite and get me out of the house sometimes.  I couldn't think of anything I wanted to go to, then I mentioned I've not been to see my beloved Falkirk in a couple of seasons.  They are only going to pay for a season ticket for me as I couldn't afford it otherwise.  Yippee.  They said at least that would make me happy every week or two.  I said they obviously don't know about Falkirk then  :)  

    Excited to get out of the house and back to following the Bairns in the flesh, rather than the highlights. Brilliant !!!


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