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  1. Listened to Houston's post match excuses in line then took in Paul Clement's interview after the Swansea match yesterday & it's night & day in terms of ownership of the issues - phrases like collective responsibility etc 

    oh for some honest humility on the part of our Head coach

    by the way whats the difference between headless chickens at the slaughterhouse & Falkirk players at the stadium?

    The chickens still have a heart to keep going!!!

  2. 53 minutes ago, gav-ffc said:

    That's it confirmed as an undisclosed fee. Shame the current squad won't see any improvement before a new stand.

    The following is an extract from a Swans fans site so can't verify if the figs being quoted are accurate but it dies back up the assertion earlier from Back Post Misses:

    Expected better things of him after such a promising start to his Premier League career when we won 2-1 at Arsenal - a game in which I thought he was excellent.

    Sadly I don't think he ever fulfilled his true potential with us. 

    Mind you, given that we only spent £350,000 (with a £500k add-on clause if sold-on for Falkirk I believe) for him, so if the figures quoted are to be believed then the club has made a profit thumbs up
  3. We can only dream of those days now.

    I'm sure I am not the only Bairns fan who lools at the club just now & feels really discouraged & demotivated by the news of yesterday's resignings.

    It seems to me we need a radical change in par with what happened some 14 years ago a la the ruthless purging that McCall brought..........unfortunately that would be counter intuitive for Houston who is the epitome of old school caution.



  4. Whilst I share the natural disappointment at losing Wills energy & versality I do believe some of the posters on here are suffering from premature exasperation!!!!!!

    Game against the grass hoppers (hibbies) will give us an indication of both Houstie's tactical formation going forward & how much Vaulks is going to be missed this season, so until then whilst these forums are the bedrock of freedom of expression it is still  supposition & conjecture at this stage 

  5. Probably signing both might be ludicrous but why wouldn't one of them come on loan for example - assured of regular game time, don't have to personally relocate, know they would be joining a team who play to win - who would have thought the likes of Skacel would have come to you guys a couple of years back - all about ambition

  6. Really promising young player who has pace & goal threat.

    He also has a winning mentality, good work ethic & youthful enthusiasm allied to self confidence.

    Kevin has the potential to go far in the game & in my opinion is a far superior prospect to last young striker of ours that was signed by Swansea last year, Botti Biabi.

    Hope he does the business & bangs in the goals for you guys and keep us posted on his progress.



  7. Assuming Will has left I tend to agree that whilst Rankin useful addition to depth of squad what we really need is an attacking winger type Player who offers us something different - someone with pace & guile to open up defences such as  the former Utd youngster McKay - Stephens currently out of the picture at Sellick park who in opinion fits the bill for a potential loan signing 

  8. I hear we are getting couple of players on loan from Swansea in exchange for Sibbs plus seven figure sum..............!

    David Cornell Goalie and Rory Donnelly Striker are two names in the frame.

    Of course it's loanees plus the £1m transfer fee in exchange for Sibbald...............silly me :thumsup2

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