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  1. On a side note how good to see that the investment in the franchise football models at Livvie & Queens Park is eventually finding its true level with both propping up their respective divisions
  2. Any truth in rumour that Rankin to be replaced by Alex Neil
  3. Hi mate Suggest you reread what is being said…….but in case you missed it I will repeat it here. We were inconvenienced by your club’s behaviour & don't need patronising comments as per your fellow fan’s quote …….. Accies by name but Awkward by nature
  4. That quote typifies a supporter of a club with no heart or soul for fellow fans - sad but there it is I guess
  5. He has history with us as recall an awful tackle he made against Sibbs(?) at Launderers Links
  6. Regardless of whether we sellout initial allocation or not we will still outnumber the Hamsters three to one
  7. Even they don’t want to merge you should still think seriously about continuing hosting games at Meadowbank as terrible venue for watching football.
  8. Be more interesting to hear what an EC fan feels although there would be a lot of commercial sense in the three border clubs coming together. I sense that the name Galloway united has a wee ring to it.
  9. Would the sensible strategy be for EC & Spartans to merge or is that an option the EC stalwarts wouldn’t countenance?
  10. Victory for you guys - I can feel it in my bones
  11. What a ridiculous statement that ……..who in their right mind would believe 500 home fans
  12. Glad to see the monkey is off my back & joined up with the Bairns - you’ve made the right decision bro
  13. What do you reckon the attendance will be given the unlikelyhood of doonhamers bringing many up the road in such a poor day for driving.
  14. He’s also 19 just now according to his Wikipedia page, 20 in February. With big John’s jambo connections maybe an option?
  15. Noticed this on BBC website this morning. Not sure if he is the same build as his dad but could be the like for like replacement we need for McKeever Hearts are considering a loan move for striker Makenzie Kirk, with the 17-year-old on 22 goals for the B team in the Lowland League. (Scotsman)
  16. So after 19 games unbeaten we are going to lose to Kelty at home next week the you lot the week after. As Kenny might say….maybees aye maybees nah. Also big assumption that your lot are going to win three in a row…..
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