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  1. 2 hours ago, Ye Olde Hamiltonian said:

    I posted this elsewhere but I feel it highlights the money wasted.


    Plenty posts/comments about the Manager and rightly so,but when you look at the size of the squad the money being squandered is off the scale for this League and  it is not sustainable with decreasing crowds and neglecting our reputation for developing young players.


    G: Ryan Fulton,Dean Lyness,Jamie Smith

    D:Ryan Tumilty,Jackson Longridge,Stephen Hendrie,Fergus Owens,Lee Kilday,Dylan McGowan,Jamie Hamilton

    M: Marley Redfearn,Connor Murray,Lewis Smith, Mikey Hewitt,Kyle McDonald,Ben Williamson,Jake Davidson,Scott Martin,Jamie Barjonas

    F: Andy Winter,McKenzie Kirk,Kevin O’Hara,Jake Hastie,Euan Henderson,Akheem Rose

    Out on loan:Chrissy McGinn,Cian Newbury,Joel Mumbongo,Joe McGlynn

    Youth:Ben Black,Lewis Morgan,Kravala?,Lewis Latona

    You could easily get 2  first teams out of this large squad who would be capable of beating most teams in this League with a decent Manager.

    It looks to me that The Club Supremo has been playing Champ Manager with John Rankin gladly accepting all the incoming signings with no clue how to shape a team out of them.

    A Poundshop Chelsea at this level with too many players.


    That last sentence is somewhat pretentious for even an Accies fan with delusions of grandeur……..🤔

    As one of my fellow Bairns suggested yesterday time for you to recognise & accept this now your level, particularly if the rumours of squad size being financially unsustainable despite public statements to the contrary.

  2. 2 minutes ago, AGPar said:

    I would not be remotely surprised if he has been quietly added to somewhere near the top of our list of transfer targets for the summer window.

    Yeah a triple swoop in the offing for Martin, Rose & Fulton…….they will need to cut their losses facing another season in Division One 

  3. 8 minutes ago, Ian Mcleod said:

    He has to go it's as simple as that 3-0 down in league 1 after half an hour is embarrassing we got 2 consolation goals felt like the games in the premiership during the covid where we were 3/4-0 after 20/30 minutes got a couple of goals back but never looked like getting anything from the game. His starting lineup was embarrassing as was his changes. Keeping him to the end of the season would be mental as we would have zero chance of winning the playoffs keeping him beyond that would be putting the club's future in jeopardy.  Alloa can close the gap to 6 on us next week. As for Falkirk they were decent and deserve to win this league but can see them getting a reality check next season in the championship like Dunfermline have. 

    Nor as much as the  reality check you guys are going to have when the cash flow probs become public at NDP  

  4. 2 hours ago, Beckford said:

    There has also been talk at recent forums about purchasing existing playing fields in Hamilton for training. Happy for us to explore various options before reverting to grass. A community tie in or a relationship with a junior club could work but cansee potential issues with that too tbh. 

    Main focus is get ownership of the stadium, ensure any income generated at the stadium goes to the club and stop McGowan using our name for all his pet projects. The recent ice rink fiasco is a classic example of a total shambles that was nothing to do with the club, yet damaged our reputation as folk saw it as an Accies event. 

    I believe we will also be able to atract more reputable sponsors when his association with the club is ended. 

    Is he still exploring a recovery centre in one of the spaces below a stand?

  5. 6 hours ago, accies1874 said:


    Some good news in here about the stadium, though I would be interested to know how they're funding it and what the long-term implications of that funding are. I'm not sure reverting to a grass pitch would send out the best message to the academy at a time when we're already blocking the pathway for young players coming through, and, even beyond that, I think it's good to be in control of where the players are training in the absence of any dedicated training ground.

    Facts & the Sun = Novel idea 🤔

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