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  1. The half spaces? So what is a full space and is there a quarter space?
  2. It’s an accusation aimed towards your clubs fanbase Benny not you specifically. You are a bit of a weapon however you do call out the hateful shite when you see it which many won’t it’s a shame many don’t follow follow that example
  3. What’s this I’m hearing about protests? I’m expecting big things, we had flying sharks after all
  4. Haha aye so it was, f**k me im having a shitemare today Must still be pished Pile on lads
  5. And I’m sure when I did so you and the clan also disregarded his opinion, funny that eh? In my defence that was way before he outed himself as willing to bend the laws to save his mates arse
  6. What exactly is a soft foul anyway? I’m pretty sure fouls aren’t graded it’s either a foul or it isn’t and in this case the laws suggest it is. Wont be long before you ask for clarification from the SFA anyway so let’s see if they can answer
  7. I think the opinion of Dermot Gallagher on any VAR related decision is now someone tainted. The opinion of someone happy to bend the laws to help his mates probably isn’t the best example. I do love the patronising wee Jinky comment though, it only underpins how livid you are.
  8. Nah mate we don’t care actually we quite enjoy watching you make a mess off yourself over what was a clear foul. It’s not even us arguing the point either it’s fans of other clubs telling you and your still determined to highlight how “soft” it was
  9. Just like todays game it’s been a very comfortable evening and much like your team your attack consists of talking a good game but when it comes to it you are pretty toothless and lack imagination.
  10. Quite the climb down from we will win this comfortably. That’s a back 4 we wouldn’t choose to play in a friendly mate. That’s how shit you are
  11. https://x.com/kbrady2020/status/1698386348598530422?s=46&t=i3UglGK1_XnLsm83WvInsw
  12. Hes been reading the Todd Cantwell book of wummery recently. Tedious, ineffective and guaranteed to have you looking like an absolute melt.
  13. Unlike Lammers who doesn’t seem to have any Big Joe was pretty solid today tbf, not half bad at all
  14. I think it has to intervene due to it leading to a goal, they can’t ignore it
  15. Raskin is your version of Soro, Cantwell is a shite wum who has been found out in every single derby bar the bounce match at Ibrox after the league was won. All 4 of your new forwards look worse than the ones that have left even Sakala was a more potent threat due to the fact no c**t knew what he was going to do.
  16. I see a few of the Celtic players having a little goad at Cantwell. AJ and ORiley at it too
  17. This was a free kick given to Rangers. Every single one of your players claim for it and get it. If it’s a foul in this instance it’s a foul in every area of the park https://x.com/lewfalc/status/1698355839558439034?s=46&t=i3UglGK1_XnLsm83WvInsw If you remember you also had a similar one chopped off for an identical foul by Morelos in your game against Dortmund.
  18. He does because Dessers impedes him in the motion of playing the ball. If Dessers had gotten just the slightest touch on the ball it would have stood but he didn’t hence the foul.
  19. A clean sheet at Ibrox with no away fans and that defence is peak banter.
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