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  1. Kinda surprised at this post and the mention of apathy which I feel should be translated as more like disappointment due to recent poor performances, consider that you have a new stadium and money in the bank then all is not doom and gloom, new players in and a couple of solid wins will turn it around and get the feelgood you enjoyed in recent seasons. It's football and we've all been through it. Courage Mon Brave.
  2. Absolutely terrible that a Caley fan took advantage over a poor wretch who probably suffers because of deprivation and exhausted through malnutrition caused by poverty. No wonder Caley fans get a bad name when they resort to thrashing poor people.
  3. Wonder why this police issue has come to light six months after the event. Anybody know why?
  4. Young teams sometimes indicates low wages, though I'm minded QP should be cash rich with the sale of Hampden.
  5. Consider Albert and Victoria's large brood who were married off to royal cousins throughout Europe, mental abberrations, blood disorders and limb deformity in the case of the Kaiser were common.
  6. Apologies for getting the name wrong, Rizzio was an Italian courtier very close to Mary Queen of Scots, Darnley, Mary's husband became insanely jealous of Rizzio and murdered him in Holyrood Palace on the motive that Rizzio had got Mary pregnant. If you do a tour of the Palace the guide will show some brownish stains on a section of flooring which legend states is Rizzo's blood.
  7. Monarchical rampant Inbreeding?? Ignorant and a classic Dumbkopf George V married his cousin Kleptomaniac Mary. They had five sons; The eldest was an idiot and a nazi. Next was an alcoholic homosexual. Another was a drug addict. And there was the bad tempered stammering alcoholic. And last the epelectic who died at 13 during a seizure. Two Kings and Two Dukes and all idiots.
  8. Illegitamacy within monarchies is considered as normal? James 1/V1 was more than likely Rizzo's son given his swarthy complexion and no way did the Duke of Kent father Queen Victoria. The heir was essential regardless of covered up parentage. Prince Andrew looks nothing like his siblings which all points to Elizabeth's relationship with her racing manager the Duke of Porchester. Then there's the great difference in.looks between Beatrice and Eugenie indicating a likeness between Eugenie and Fergies Texan lover. The list goes on and on.
  9. Laura is a lovely woman and a good friend of one of my Daughters, you'll know that she donated a kidney to her Mum to help with her health. Laura is a very kind and thoughtful person who would have shone in the Commons instead of the hole licker Ross. During that 2019 GE Moray Hall vote count Ross was absolutely shitting himself once he saw the size of the SNP vote coming through.
  10. Queen Kate and King Willie could well turn out to be instrumental towards Scottish Independence given their obvious dislike of visiting or staying in our country with their preference to hobknobbing with their aristocratic friends in London and Norfolk. St Andrews doesn't count.
  11. Especially true in the Elgin programme where the SNP were constantly attacked by an audience packed with unionist plants. In the 2019 GE Douglas Ross just made it with a 513 majority over the SNP's Laura Mitchell, so the Moray vote was almost split in half between the tories and SNP. Yet there was not a bona fide SNP member in that programme. The BBC later issued a formal apology to the SNP over one nasty criticism from one unionist purporting to be an SNP member.
  12. 1. Bob Boothby, an arrogant shit. 2. Churchill, take away the oratory and we all know what's left. 3. Thatcher, self explanatory to all Scots. 4. Douglas Ross, a traitor to his own humble family background 5. Ruth Davidson, a self serving selfish and poisoness little social climber.
  13. We are, and have been for years, SNP members, and without any doubt we feel Mathieson should resign his Ministerial post, he has brought unneccesary press and political opposition through his actions, his position is untenable and bears no credibility.
  14. Who in their right moral mind would vote for tories in Scotland. I seem to recall that all tory MSP's are list, that in itself tells a story.
  15. What also angers me is that after years of moaning Elizabeth finally got her hands on Crown Estate money, a few years back the Crown Estate handed over £15 million to her and this sum will always increase year on year for the monarch, money which belongs to you and I the people. It goes back to George 111 when at that time he and monarchs before him paid for the military and the government etc from the crown estate, he like many before him complained bitterly over this so to resolve it he handed the crown estate over to the government absolutely and for all time and for the monies to be used for the public purse. In return the government created the Civil List and handed money over every year since. Every monarch since then has wanted that money back and Elizabeth finally got it, not content with her massive income from the Duchy of Lancaster and inherited wealth she deliberately stole what is not hers from us. Another government argument with her is when she travelled on overseas trips she was head of state and any gifts given by foreign countries belong to the UK, she adamantly argued against this keeping all gifts as personal to her. Windsor Castle, Sandringham, Balmoral, Clarence House and Kensington all fully staffed year round plus countless other houses. Their greed is beyond measure.
  16. The little home counties englanders will be incensed at the latest treachery from the Sussexes and will be calling for Harry and Meghan to be transported to the Colonies.
  17. I've had the poster you're referring to on ignore for years, I know that his rep is held in dismay throughout the forum. As for Salmond what does he hope to achieve when you consider his own lawyer described his behaviour as inappropriate and there were warnings on him in Bute House. Does he want all that to be brought up in the press again, for me he's coming across as a bit of a fool and an old forgotten man desperate to be back in the public eye at any cost.
  18. Just for clarity and I'm no hair splitter, but; Was the Cup on your parents mantlepiece the Kirkcaldy Cottage Hospital Charity Cup which Raith won in 1903. Or was it the Kirkcaldy Hospital Cup which Raith shared in 1920?
  19. It will have to be a very good financially rewarding contract, Wotherspoon has done well for us but I'm sure his agent will be touting him on the strength of that plus looking to get him nearer home and less travel.
  20. Otherwise, going by recent years, that win against Dunfermline must be the only item on your mantlepiece. Mind you, you have an outstanding record in the Kirkcaldy Cottage Hospital Charity Cup some years back, well done.
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